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If the house not sold that means there is something wrong that you have to find it, so you have to discover what are the problems which effect on selling the property to fix them and changing the way which you marketing it, so first, you have to find the problem which effect on the sale of the property, and develop your marketing targets. So let’s know marketing plan what consist from first promotional and advertising assessors destined and scheduled, second announcement budget, third marketing targets, fourth inspections on the premises by agency advisers, fifth scheduled inspections, sixth properties recorded in property guide, seventh potential renters contacted, eighth recommending the council with lease destined and commanded as timetable, ninth advising the owner with marketing and announcement steps and costs. Tenth the determined targeted collection for marketing plan.

Eleventh the time period for marketing efficacies. Twelfth advising the seller with optimum offer for the estate. Finally social media advertising.The effective marketing plan starts with effective advertising and using multiple ways for advertising as newspapers, mail outs, newsletters, windows displays,videos, the internet, text messaging, seminars, signs, brochures, postcards and using different methods of marketing, most important problems that has big effect on the marketing are deficiency of knowledge of the local market ,giving wrong information about the market depending on rumours and deficiency of information, utilizing unsuitable ways of promotion, using disqualified staff, non targeting the right market, shortage of unique marketing plans without sensitive difference between the agency and the market, concentrating on less profits, non observing and appraising the outcomes, non confidence and accept changes. with new marketing ideas and digital electronics with the new strategies, there is one basic problem that is proven to have an unsuitable effect on the value of creating the business determining the highest value of sources for growth of your brand, product or service. Choosing the wrong target, or achieving less profit, will certainly lower your growth and return on investment potential.

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It might even fail completely. A marketing plan is a thorough document which describes business activities, which is engaged in describing the current market location. Marketing plan begins analysing the market through a market survey which includes budget, sales expectations, plans, financial data, it is also used as a strategy to help organisations to use its sources to attain companies targets. in addition for that you have to understand your market and develop this knowledge, also you should understand your clients what are their needs and expectations, you should identify your market goal who will target what type of customers you looking for and what is the market contains from.

The market includes, cost , promotion, location, product, the cost, which will be required to market the property that contains price of announcement, promotion, and general rapports, also every price change depending on bulk of business, yearly sales and size of advertising and promotion which means any kind of marketing communication to attract customers and get their attention and rising their consciousness of the product, there are many ways for promotion as offering clients special preview to your product as doing as private party before promoting your product, using social media competitions, gifts, lottery competitions. Social media is easy way for dealing with customers. Email marketing is the better way for promoting for service or product through newsletters, in addition to facebook which is very useful to target your clients, using signs to promote your service or your product and giving discounts , open houses or events. When you do market research there are some elements you should think of as condition, age, revenues, matrimonial, teaching, family range, religion, career. You should identify if your marketing plan provide you best outcomes or not, this will help you to keep money and time and helps you to ensure succing your work. Checking if the amounts which are set on your market plan, studying the numbers because they are the quickest and easiest way to define if your plan working, increasing the prices and extension the job, extensioning you budget will ensure that your plan is progressing well and is supported by the organisation.

To develop your marketing plan you should know who are your customers, and what they are expecting you to sell them what they like and what they expect from you, also you should study your market to set your aims according to size of the market, getting good returns and looking for a suitable market and surveillance and regulate your plan to check the effective consequences and getting data to make sure that your plan is efficient by examining different marketing thoughts to define which is best and using new strategies to increase your revenue. Some of the things which should be thought about when using marketing strategies are first interests of the and lineaments of the property if the property new if it is two stores if it has double parks, second the way which the property is offered as clean, maintained very well and has good appearance, removing any mess cumulative in living spaces, taking care of the premises to look more valuable, decorating the property as putting pictures or mirrors to fill the, vases, singular beds in small bedrooms, furniture. The third important thing you should think of is negative sides and how will you inverted as the place of the premises which could be positive or negative for the property it could effect on the supply and demand for the property if the property close to shopping center, schools, station, and other facilities it will arise the demand on it and the same thing in the opposite way if the property close to motorways, airports, hospitals, which will not be acceptable to some people which will find it annoying, also the area and neighbours which surround the property has influence on the apprising the property by prospective clients, in addition to maintaining the house in a good condition by doing necessary renovation will attract people, but if the house becomes negligent no one will be interested in, finally deficiency of parks will effect on marketing the property, the fourth thing to take in consideration when using marketing strategies, the reciprocal use of the property and prospective use.and the last thing reciprocal or present market situation, to identify the problems you had and to fix it you should know how is the market going. Benefit and exchange rates could have an impact on the properties additionally new strategies and innovations would change the market by rising or minimising the order on your service.

If the property is marketed by auction there is no cooling of period the seller and the purchaser should exchange agreements but if you have exclusive agency agreement for for than 3 months, the contract should authorise the owner to finalise the contract without late fines by providing the agent with warning in writing during 1 month after the end of first 3 months. Your marketing plan might succeed if you have sufficient resources and enough experience, if you share your workers in your marketing plan they will increase their investments, give them chance to share in your plan, ensure that they understand your objectives, help them to develop their skills, know your object, check your proceed at least every 3 months to know if you are on goal, if your strategies very aspirant, if your budget on the right way, if any of your strategy not working on your clients, making amendments on your plan if it is requisite, being in knowledge in technology, contest, competitors, clients, providers,and any outer factors, prepare extra plan and improve marketing targets, promote and measure marketing activities. Marketing strategies consist of attaining minimum costs than competitors, agency service type, making different service so the agency turns to best agency in its industry, submitting and an offer for services of the agency, pricing, promotion and announcement, follow leading price and recognition products in the market.

There are some ways will help if the house is not selling such as changing your advertising to attract prospective purchaser in the way that makes those advertisements work get attention such as using different pictures for the house from inside the house or the front of street and renew your own characterization for the property, have a try to use various ways to sell your property. Adapt your price with marketing condition,especially if the market inactive, re evaluate your price according to similar properties in the market and re announce in price which will bring buyers to you. Take a short lounge from the market so some buyers will try to negotiate you during this period supposing that you will pleased from any offer you will get it. Do any necessary improvements on the property as painting it or doing some maintenance for the property.

Comparing your property with similar properties by attending inspections, auctions, and awaring of any directions or contexts will effect on your sell. Accept advice from properties experts or from others. Some assumptions costs which could be use to improve selling the property are re advertising costs, renovation costs such as maintenance plan such as painting the house or changing the lights, changing the fence,changing the carpet, repairing the windows, renewing the kitchen, renovating the bathroom, changing the whole existing plumbing, setting up new security system, setting up new stove, Putting new hot water system, changing the sink,replacing the toilet. As agent you should use enquiry reports to maintain close to where quarries resource, further you must check market relays and promotion each week and discuss them with your employees.

The agent responsible of promoting new system for dealing with enquiries from clients just obtained. The factors which helps you to sell your property are, clean property and well maintained attract the buyers, and prospective investors, the look of the property is very important for successful selling, checking other properties similar to your property in the market which helps to achieve factual targets, knowing of potential purchasers interests, surveillance your plan by taking care of the property, change your ad, so your internet data does not become old. If the property is not sold there are some strategies you should follow first, reviewing the current budget and comparing the provisions with the factuall outlay based on last outcomes, second adjusting ad copy and promotion materials by modernizing your marketing materials by lettering a new copy and updating the pictures and re styling it will assess to activates market and sales efforts, also make sure that your styling reflects your brand and similar to technology. Third sharing other agencies


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