If these chemicals is to stop smoking altogether

If possible children should be kept away from cigarette smoke at all times, second hand smoke contains thousands of dangerous chemicals and some are known to cause cancer, breathing it in can be fatal especially on a child’s lungs that are still developing and those who suffer from asthma. Whilst many parents try to keep their smoke away from their children by smoking outside and not in the home it does not protect the child because the chemicals in second hand smoke are still exposed to them through their carer so the best way to avoid the child from becoming exposed to these chemicals is to stop smoking altogether although doing this will not completely eliminate the problem, environmental tobacco smoke occurs in public places , it comes from the smoke that has been inhaled nd then breathed out and the tips of cigarettes, pipes and cigars and it is almost unavoidable.

Children who are exposed to smoke are at higher risk of SIDS, they are also known to get more illnesses such as ear infections, coughs and colds, tooth decay and suffer from respiratory problems with poor lung development which can lead to lung cancer. As well as health problems children who watch their carers smoke are more likely to smoke themselves later on in life.

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