If humongous impact on the world from his

you have ever wondered where half of the literature and performance we use
today came from, it all came from a man named William Shakespeare. Shakespeare
made a humongous impact on the world from his famous poetry, theater, lifestyle
culture, and more. His language spread all throughout the world. His work in
theater was a big inspiration to many performers. His before life motivated that
anyone can do what they dreamt, even him.

many people admired the way Shakespeare spoke. His writing was very influential
to people all around the world. I always wondered what Shakespeare meant when
he said the words he said and how he wrote his grammar. His language was one of
the most important things that influenced people. He was declared England’s
greatest writer in the works of comedy and tragedy.

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came up with and used most of the words we speak or write today in his work. He
introduced more than 3,000 words to the English Dictionary.
The vocabulary he used is as high as 17,000 words. With the help of his formal
grammar school, Shakespeare invented new grammar as well. His grammar was
mostly metaphors and similes which were used a lot in his poetry. While English
was still being standardized, his phrases from plays came apart of the lexicon.

Secondly, Shakespeare made a big impact on the performance
of theater. Performers and novelists look up to him on everything he did
because this was where theater started. After his first performance, it
influenced people to start writing plays and acting in them. Additionally,
people argue that Shakespeare has changed and helped define musical theater.
Some say that he also invented two genres, which is where comedy and tragedy
come in. Before this time period, musical numbers were known to be placed in between
dramatic scenes to become breaks from the main action. The change that
Shakespeare plays made the way for musical performances to become whole to the
dramatic story.  

Thirdly, Shakespeare’s lifestyle made him determined to
succeed what he wanted. Motivation and determination is some of the two most
important things to have when trying to achieve what you dream. When he had
those two things during that time period and reached his goal, it showed others
that you can not let anything stop you. Shakespeare was born in
Stratford-on-Avon, April 23, 1564. When he was younger, his father took him to
his first ever play, which influenced him to do what he did. William was around
the age six or seven when he entered grammar school. He was so smart that he
graduated when he was sixteen.

At the age of eighteen, he got married to his wife, Anne
Hathaway, who was eight years older than him. His family did not agree with the
marriage since they had very little money and enough noise in there crowded
little house. Their daughter Susanna was born six months later; now there were
ten people in the house. Two years later, Anne gave birth to twins. After that,
William left and went off to London,
but no one knew why (Stanley, Vennema 1-12). Some people think that it was to
help the family with money; others think that he wanted to achieve his love and
passion in theater and poetry.

conclusion, Shakespeare’s lifestyle, poetry, and theatre led him to become a
big influence on people. The way Shakespeare spoke was adored by many people.
How we speak now, the words we use, and the grammar we use to write is mostly
from him. In addition to his impact, performers were influenced by his theater
art. After his first performance, others started making plays and acting in
them because they were so inspired by how his plays were. Furthermore, his
motivation from his life led him to his goal.

Before his fame, his family was running very low on money,
especially with all the people in the house. Although, that did not stop him
from what he wanted to do. I use to ask myself, how Shakespeare became so
influential to this world, and how is he still popular in this generation. Now
I understand the reasons why he is such am important person; he was the one who
change movies, theater, words, musical performances, and more.



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