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If I will give you an egg and I told you to eat it without cooking it, will you do it? Same as if God gave you a problem will you accept it? Will you have a courage to grab this problem in your life? Of course, most of us will says “no, of course not.

” Because nobody wants to be hurt or either to have a failure in life. Because if you have a problem then it also means that you fail at some point of your decision. But we can say that failure is a fundamental part of our life. You don’t have a choice but to accept it. We cannot avoid it but we can lessen it by knowing what are the characteristics that are prone to failure. First is lack of persistence.

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People are mostly giving up early in what they want in life. They are afraid on trying to do something to achieve their goals in life. These people are mostly who do not recognize and clearly know what they want so the tendency is to give up and find a new one. These people are also searching for all the shortcuts without giving a fair equivalent. They want to make all things in an easier way without knowing or following what Gods plan for him/her. And they don’t have self-satisfaction that’s why they can’t even finish what they are doing.

They always seek on what is missing in their life instead of being satisfied on what they have. Second is Lack of Self-confidence, well most of us really have a problem when it comes to our own confidence in doing a certain thing specially in our skills. The reasons why people have this kind of lack in confidence is their own expectations, preoccupied with fear and harsh-judgements.

They kept on thinking that people around them expect them to perform greatly that’s why they are preoccupied with fear that they may not meet the expectation on these people around them. And it leads to harsh-judgements and they kept on thinking that maybe they are not good in that field. They will be kept on blaming themselves that they are not perfect and they are not fitted on what they have. The last one is procrastination. It is the main problem why people don’t meet their deadline or target.

People tend to be slow or late on doing something that they should be done earlier. It is another term of being lazy in accomplishing a certain task. Probably the main causes of these are the “I’ll do it later” saying and sometimes people are working on a small task because that is the easier. The “I’ll do it later” is very common on a lot of people specially students. They choose to work the day before the submission and this is a unhealthy or negative characteristics that they should not practice because it can lead to a bad result of work.

So to sum up this statement, We people are like eggs. In order for us to know our worth in life, we first need to be broken and to be cooked. Just like in our life, in order for us to get our own success we need first to experience failure and with the help of our good chief and that is God. We will know our worth in our life every time he gave us different failure a long our way.

We just have to have courage to conquer those challenges and problems that comes in our life. In the end, people do not fail because life is hard. They are failing because they stop trying and continuing their lives.


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