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If you’re trying to build a green patio, one of the main things to attention to is your furniture. Your furniture should look great, have strong functionality and be green – all at the same time.==> What Should You Look for in Patio Furniture in General?To start with, all patio furniture needs to be weather resistant. You can’t have wood that’ll crack in the heat or the cold. You can’t have materials that’ll expand or shrink too much when it gets wet.

You can’t have materials that’ll rot.Because patio furniture is out doors most of the time, it have to be very tough.In addition, the overall design should match the rest of your patio.What kinds of green patio furniture match this description?==> Teak FurnitureTeak is one of the best woods to use for green patio furniture.First of all, teak doesn’t need to be treated. Treating wood is an extremely chemically intensive process which uses energy and produces waste that harms the environment.Teak is also extremely water resistant and lasts a long time.

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It’s the kind of wood that the government uses in park benches and bus benches. The furniture last just about forever and rarely need to be replaced. Teak is also used in boat construction.==> Cedar FurnitureCedar furniture is one of the strongest types of woods out there.

It’s almost as strong as oak, but doesn’t crack. Most woods will crack over time, but cedar just holds strong.One interesting feature of cedar is that it’s cool to the touch, even when the weather is hot. This can add a nice touch of class to the feel of your patio on a warm summer day.==> 100% Recycled PlasticsFinally, you have plastic materials that are made from 100% recycled plastic. There are a few different types you can choose from.

First, you have the very basic furniture pieces. These will look and feel much like your typical plastic patio furniture, except they’re made from recycled material. You can also get high-end recycled plastic furniture. These items can have a wide variety of different designs, some of them even made to look like wood. There’s a huge selection of different materials and furniture that an eco-conscious person can choose from.

From woods to recycled materials, there’s furniture to fit just about every patio size and design.Make sure that when you’re ordering wood that you get Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood. Make sure that when you buy 100% recycled plastic materials that you research the company it’s produced by first to ensure they’re truly a green company.

By supporting companies that produce green furniture, you support the green industry as a whole.


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