If of what was seen or heard

If for example a child is not as physical as they use to be during P>E or play time , the concern needs to be followed up in a professional manner. The procedure being that firstly an exact account of what was seen or heard (observations)needs to be recorded or logged accurately and the exact time and date recorded. It is very important to be objective and avoid prejudice and not to make any assumptions and maintain confidentiality. Secondly why it is a concern. Thirdly, the Support teacher needs to report it to the class teacher ( for primary students). If the teacher disregards the information the TA needs to report to the relevant person above the teacher, it could be the head of the year group.

After that it needs to be reported to Special Educational Needs Coordinator ( SENCO). The relevant person should then be able to provide the child with the necessary help required.Another problem that needs to be recognized and responded to promptly is dyslexia, some of the warning signs could be delay in speech, letter reversal or mirror writing, difficulty knowing left and right directions, and being easily distracted by background noise. If these concerns are ignored this could lead to delay in learning which may lead to delay in intellectual development, and increased frustration which could lead to behavioural and communication problems.

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