If poet may write about a tragedy that

If you want to be understood, don’t be an artist. It
is ironic that art connects people yet separates them because of their own
perspective. A poet may write about a tragedy that people may think about as a
great love story. As an artist, what is one thing for you is going to be
different for an audience.

            Yes, art is a language but it is a
language where people have different understandings in which no one is wrong.
People will have different definitions of what an art piece is about. An artist
can be given a hundred opinions and accept all of them.

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            This is because art is not only a
language but a conversation everyone is invited to be a part of. This is why
great artists have no country. Let’s take a very famous painting as an example.
The Mona Lisa is described to be the most visited, most written about, and most
sung about painting. To think that this was a painting from the 15th
century tells us that artists not only surpass boundaries but time as well
which is why I consider great art pieces to be time machines. Artists of the
past are able to talk to us and make us talk to each other through their own

            Money keeps the world go around but
artists keep us alive. Without our artists, the world would be full of
machines, living paycheck to paycheck. Make art not just to make a living. Make
art to live a life. Life isn’t life without art and art isn’t art without
heart. Artists

            Artists connect us beyond borders or
oceans. I could only give two small advices to artists out there whether they
are only starting or already successful. One, do not tolerate those who copy
your work. They will never be able to copy your passion. Two, critics are
helpful but you do not need a critic to know what your art is. Follow yourself
on how you want your art to be. Instead, let people be inspired by your work
than let them copy and accept criticism as a guideline, not a mold.

            The next time someone asks you to
explain your art, ask them to explain it themselves. As Ceasar Cruz said, “Art
should comfort the disturbed, and disturb the comfortable.” Keep conversations
going. Whether people argue about what your art piece is or what it isn’t, you
have kept them talking enough to connect them. This is why art surpasses
differences, dialects, cultures, or time.



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