Ideally disadvantage also found in a mixed gender

Ideally mixed-gender classrooms are the best setting for schools and their students. Mixed gender school is seen to be good for both genders. This is due to more social and academical interaction between the two sexes, and also students starts to get more self-esteem.

Although, it’s to see that a mixed school is not the answer to all academic purposes because social interaction and also presents some important disadvantages as well as the usual advantages. Peer pressure is a disadvantage also found in a mixed gender schools. Socializing with friends is good, but into some extent it can become a bad decision because some of the students can be easily be lead to breaking rules. Performances on academics can get lower as students’ starts to concentrate on unnecessary things such as talking to their friends but it’s also good to make friends and socialize to help you for your life out of school. In this case students have to be monitored well by teachers in order to prevent students from playing around and not doing their work during school hours. Therefore students should be cautious, on how they socialize with their classmates or they most likely will not pass from not paying attention.

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Education is the key in mixed gender schools. Also, the third point is that mixed gender schools don’t combat segregation. Mixing schools makes teacher’s work more difficult , because politicians are scared that too much attention is being paid to mixing genders and not enough good education.

Solving the problem of segregation is not the primary responsibility of education and society cannot be shaped, and class differences will therefore always exist. Politicians think that mixing is unnecessary, a mixed school demands a lot from teachers including affinities,specific skills, time and energy and in addition to being an educator, teachers.People who agree on gender seperated may say that it shows that there are differences in all the manners females and males learn, and that some lessons are more focused on one gender but it is good for the opposite genders to learn about each other. Most all of the “facts” that gender seperated schools are better than mixed are stereotypes,such as boys are more lousder than girls, and that girls are more likely to express their feelings about something in class if there aren’t any boys in the room.In my opinion i think gender mixed schools are better for students because they need to learn how to talk and interact with other genders for life out of high school.

Students learn to to relate to the different gender from a early age, and they learn how to make lasting friendships and relationships. Gender seperated schools seem like a good idea for the students, but it’s found that they have a delay in development of the opposite gender which makes it a bad idea


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