I than later (McMenemy, 2018). In today’s

I believe that artificial Intelligence may pose a threat to take over certain aspects of our lives.

This is due to the power of artificial intelligence and how it can outperform humans sooner rather than later (McMenemy, 2018).In today’s society, artificial intelligence (AI) is common amongst everyone— every gender and age. Each year, more and more of this amazing experience is used in our daily lives e.g. a virtual personal assistant. Examples of these are Siri, Cortona and Google which are now all intelligent personal assistants on various platforms (Albright, 2018). Personal assistants can also use your voice to find out useful information such as questions, tasks and messages which makes them very intelligent. Also, this can remind people of questions such as “what’s on my schedule”, thereby allowing the assistant to respond or send instructions to other applications(Albright, 2018).

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They also include artificially intelligent systems such as video games, smart cars, music, movie recommendation services, smart home devices and etc (Albright, 2018). The fact is that people of all ages use AI in their every daily lives (Albright, 2018). A key example would be Netflix, Netflix is a bad example because it has taken over the rental industry and stores such as “blockbuster” which has completely disappeared. This shows how A.

I. completely taking over “human jobs” but still require human design(Coira, 2018). An example is using AI for the wrong purpose. You may ask questions such as, will they steal my data? Is AI reliable? There are questions that you may concern yourself with because of the risks when it comes to data protection.There is a growing number of examples of AI added each year and it keeps improving.

You may ask questions such as, why do we need it? Cell phones, with improving AI, will soon become a great distraction, therefore, it may become illegal to have your device switched on whilst driving. We may even be fined if otherwise. The impact of cell phones is distinct from AI in cell phones because new types of AI software have been introduced according to Dr Karray “new AI software that uses pictures to detect when the driver is engaging in dangerous activities while behind the wheel” (Steward, 2017). Furthermore, new AI’s have been put in place to minimise this, technicalities like Smart sensors, geo-analytics and embedded connectivity. This can help the way you drive and also can be updated through over-the-air software (Philip, 2018). Therefore, I believe that AI is taking over this industry by coming up with the best and safest way (Philip, 2018).AI does not pose any threat to Children, I have found out that from Alison Gopnik’s research, “Over the past 15 years, researchers in my laboratory have shown that children learn in much the same way” (Gopnik, 2018). Children learn in the same way as AI does.

They draw conclusions from their mistakes and amend it in the future. If they need more time to learn something, it will require deeper learning techniques (Gopnik, 2018). This is where AI can help a lot of people using computer intelligence to help children to get more out of educational experiences (Learning and Education, 2018). We may not see robots acting as teachers, but there are tools that can help teachers, tools such as AI in education like grading e.g. gradescope (KONTZER, 2016), educational software’s, AI tutors, AI-Driven feedback and many more (Learning and Education, 2018).

Therefore, I believe that AI is a better concept when it comes to machines and it can carry out various tasks and to be considered “smart” (Marr, 2016).Notably, the famous, physicist Prof Stephen Hawking states that: “robots will eventually completely replace humanity” (McMenemy, 2018). I also believe that AI has the potential to outperform humans in many ways. He also states “I fear that AI may replace humans altogether. If people design computer viruses, someone will design AI that improves and replicates itself”. The latter part of Hawking’s quote, where he mentions about improving and replicating itself, can have a big impact on our lives as humans. The reason for this is that he may be referring to the removal of sicknesses and poverty. This shows much success is there in AI and how it can help us as humans to be more efficient and time conscious.

(McMenemy, 2018).Moreover, it is less significant for people “working in a standard employment and be likely to be in multiple non-standard jobs” (Thirgood and Johal, 2017).  The severe threat from technology is upcoming and the skills that will be required is going to be AI. Subsequently, this is because technology has begun to take over labour markets, thereby enabling them to accelerate in a certain way. This has a major impact on jobs and the “living in an on-demand society” (Thirgood and Johal, 2017).

In today’s society, the majority of AI projects are based on machine learning that essentially helps identify patterns within data sets, consequently making predictions based on the data that already exists. In contrast, having the correct data with high quality is indispensable. Afterwards, checking the credibility and precision of the results is a must as it introduces reliability (Buest, 2018). AI is not always about building a system that acts like a human. Instead, AI means that it can help with problem-solving, analytics and etc (Buest, 2018).Finally, people expect that jobs such as “fast food workers and insurance claims processers will be performed by machines” with the other half expecting some of the same with the introduction of software engineers and legal clerks.

The reason behind this is that today’s workers accept that their jobs or professions are at severe risk of being “automated” (SMITH and ANDERSON, 2018). As an alternative, we need to see AI as an advantage of medical aids and other types of improvements to our daily lives. I personally believe that AI will be the new beginning for humans(Dans, 2017).In conclusion, I believe that instead of constantly discussing AI as the biggest threat to humanity, we should talk about the biggest threat to AI research. The impatience of humanity and how AI research is going back and forth by causing humanity frustration.

Having said this, considering the fact that AI technologies are designed specifically to make your life easier is vital.  However, you have to be aware of what type of data and personal information you want to share. This is because once it’s out there, it’s impossible to roll it back.


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