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I would say I obtain my values from my family. I was born and lived in Jamaica for about half my life. I moved to the United States when I was about to enter the third grade.

In Jamaica, I attended a public school during my earlier years, where the population size was give or take forty students, but my third-grade class had around twenty-five. In Jamaica it would take a long time for my teacher to review our work, due to the number of students in one class. Luckily, my mother had her own value of education and wanted the best for me, so she moved me to a private school. In private school, my largest class had sixteen children. After the move my mother saw improvement in my grades, showing that personal attention worked best. My mother comes from a large family, being the fourth of nine children.

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After graduating high school, she went right into the work force, so she understands how hard it is and how long it took her to be in the position she is to today. My mother’s value in education and her wanting me to have better opportunities as I grew up, made education one of my values. I pursued higher education not only for myself, but also to make my mother proud of who I have grown to become.


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