I my entire life that I have gone

I was going to go but I decided not to only because My first year experience had been neglected fully. This year was the first time ever in my entire life that I have gone without hot water for 4 days; even after the girls dorm went without hot water the week before. My professors ask me why I didn’t see something they posted on schoology and I have to remind them that my room in the Residents Hall doesn’t have wifi and my room doesn’t have cable.

Just last week I used my own money to buy a set of blinds for my window because I haven’t had one since I moved in. Yet as I walked through Arnett Hall and see people I have never seen before on campus (might I add I do not know what our Interim President even looks like) I see Arnett Hall receiving new blinds throughout the whole building. I sit behind the desk (being that I am a CA in the residents hall) and students come up to me asking why the many issues they have aren’t being met, I look to my dorm director for those answers, and he looks to those above him. Those who are above him are silent and mute. Like mime they smile and play tricks on all those who entertain them, thinking that by staying silent I will be amused; I’m not.

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So I would have loved to attend, but I am spending money and not receiving what I paid for. Instead I see Chappelle getting its exterior remodeled while a girl almost passed out on the inside during class due to heat exhaustion and I had to carry her to AC; and my professor asks why was I late to class. I wake up late for my 9:30 because my Lupus is reacting to the heat inside my room (because sometimes it goes out in the middle of the night) and my professor pulls me aside and asks what’s going on.

I’m asking what do I tell them. What do I tell people who asks “How’s college, do you like Allen University?” What do I tell those alumni and paying AME members about the conditions that I’m going through? What do I tell my parents who are concerned about my well being each and every day? I attend a Christian school, I shouldn’t have to lie.


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