I outweigh associated health and social concerns.

I think that despite the classification of marijuana by the DEA as illegal, the previous medical use clearly indicates that its benefits outweigh associated health and social concerns. Although its current situation in the US can be viewed as a conflict of perspectives, its continuing medical utilization support review into the classification of this drug as Schedule I during the 1970s (Choo et al., 2014). I believe marijuana is a safer drug that can be effectively utilized because its prohibition will encourage high illegal, wrong, and non-prescribed usage.

Additionally, I think the current conflict of interest in legal marijuana draws from political justification and not medical. However, I do not support the use and legalization of nonmedical psychotropic drugs because the dominant social order disapproves unrestrained indulgence into drugs.Furthermore, I strongly support the idea of keeping non-medical drugs such as heroin illegal to prevent increased abuse and their effects on the community, especially youths (Choo et al.

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, 2014). However, the existing US legal structure of lengthy incarceration of those found in possession of heroin, marijuana, and other drugs such as cocaine are non-justifiable morally. The federal legal system may be viewed as irrational for allowing the over-the-counter legal purchase of alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine, which are mainly pleasure-producing with high health risks, while drugs such as marijuana that have medical values remain illegal with lengthy imprisonment for possession or use.


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