I his own career as an engineer

     I am from the middle-class family came from a rural area of SAARC country, India, which is being a “Developing country” for years. As I was grown in a rural area, I am not privy to foreign Universities or world-class education up to the time of completion of my secondary education.

In the very beginning of 11th grade, my elderly cousin who just starts his own career as an engineer directed me towards Foreign Universities, which gives more heuristic knowledge which helps in complete intake of the subject, which was not given in India universities except few national institutions. From that time I was more fascinated towards foreign universities. Which were ranked the best, in the world? My parents also uplifted and motivated me towards my goals to get into any renowned university. I am studying +1 and +2 at FIITJEE College which is one of the most prestigious institutions in India.

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I have a very good academic score of 9.8/10 CGPA in my 10th grade and 97.5% in my +1 Board examinations, which is almost 99 percentiles in my state.  Faculty of my college also expects 97% in my +2 Board examinations. So, my lecturers also recommended me for a bachelor study in best foreign universities.   I would like to express my own interest in pursuing the undergraduate program in engineering. Currently with my secondary curriculum is near to end and proving myself with an exceptional percentage of 99.2% in core subjects and continue to do so in coming exams.

I am an active member and participant in all the activities and programs conducted by the college.   My father being an Electrical engineer in transmission and distribution is a true inspirer for dreaming about a career in engineering. Watching him since childhood, engineering and specifically in the field of ‘ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION’ has become a passion to me as in the present era the field of electronics & communication plays a vital role in almost every sphere of our life.

It has penetrated in every field of our existence. It mainly deals with the communication technologies along with the basic electronic components, the design of circuits and systems and my fascination towards electronics and communication developed stronger in the 9th grade when I took part in a science exhibition at my school. I was really attracted by the unbelievable complexities of different structures and their working. The interest and fascination have evolved into a determination to study the subject in depth and to do some valuable research in the field. I am my self-became challenging as I was growing up.

Being studied in a national wide reputational institution I have been studied with various students from different parts my state and from the different part of my nation. I became habitual to work harder and harder to attain the best score and to catch up with other good students.  I want to pursue my undergraduate in the University ranked among the best in the world and my parents also approved for pursuing my academic career in the university it would be an honor to be a part of the undergraduate program with the curriculum best suited to the emerging trends in the field of engineering and my intentions. I put forth my sincere efforts in making most of the career opportunities and feel obliged if secured an admission and promise to excel in all credentials to the standard set forth.

   The main reason for your university is, it provides the best standard education so that I can assuredly reach my goal of becoming a legendary engineer. It is my target to achieve it from any top university. The awe-inspiring success rate of employment and the formal education from your university will equip me both practical and theoretical knowledge of the field. I also believe that pursuing in your rwhich gives benefits are typically greater than the amount of a paycheck.

Students who work during their college careers may have better time-management skills than their counterparts. They must understand responsibility and apply it to their daily lives. They earn money that can be used for fun or for tuition while gaining experience in the workplace that will be attractive to future employers after graduation.enowned university, gains me confidence, and your international explores help me work with students from all corners of the world with different methodology would undoubtedly add an advantage for me by grilling me to my goal with perfection. I came to know that good university will provide us part time job opportunity in the campus which helps in getting hands-on experience 


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