I I was heading to my second class

I remember my first day like it was yesterday, I was waiting all summer to start going to my new school. I felt excited but mostly nervous to start a new experience my heart was pounding. Could not even sleep the night.

Finally, the following morning of my first day here goes nothing! I walk into the freshman Building not knowing what is going on everybody staring at me, in my head, I am thinking” what in the world is going on here”? I start questioning myself. I head to my locker to put my things and the bell goes off, its time for my first class it was science. I didn’t know how to get to my class I was lost so I had to ask somebody. He was really sweet about it he showed me. I got to the class I opened the door but the lights were switched off, at this point still questioning myself, there was a video of a bug and massive spider just walking , so I scream and I was in tears, the teacher opens the lights from next to his disk, and he says its okay are u the new student; I answer him yes! Students In the class are laughing.

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I took a seat alone in the back.Science class ended pretty quick . I am guessing that it was an hour of class.

We had a Ten Minute break. So I went to my locker put my science books and got my English book and notebook. While I was heading to my second class of the day, I still felt pretty strange that I don’t know anybody. Till the gentlemen that helped me find my science class asked me what is my next class so I said English and he said me too let us walk together. We got to the English class, I felt less nervous and strange now that I know someone in my class, he was also in my group.

Finally, the bell went off for lunch. Students running and shoving into other students, just to get to the cafeteria, the line for food is until the end of the hallway. That’s crazy! The last class of the day after lunch, I had math it wasn’t so bad. At least I knew a student or two from my group in English class. The day goes by.

It is sometime in a couple of minutes. The bell goes off for HomeTime, I get my things from my locker and wait for my brother to come pick me up. While waiting for him, a couple of girls and guys come up to me. So we heard that you’re the new student, whats your name they ask me, I introduce myself and say my name is hadeel. And they say that’s not even a name but its nice to meet you no name.

I just kind of brushed it off.


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