I your charming euphoric strain? O slumbering

I invoke you Muse, come to my aid.Under your resplendent, celestial shade,I flourish, swirling from earth to oceanAlong my ethereal path, in gentle motion. As mountain springs under morning sun,I rushed to the seas to mingle as one.

But as the scorching sun grew bright,I rose; I rose to the pinnacle’s height. Ascending as vapours, invisible to eyesI soared as high as paradise.As Phoenix from ashes, I leapt from foam,I towered up to the heaven’s dome. I grew intense in tranquil rest,As brethren joined my airy nest.I veiled the radiant moon’s white fireFor greater heights did I aspire. Through atmosphere unbound and free,O Muse! I heard in harmony,The clearest echoes of snow-capped hills,The softest notes of falling rills, Till I was roused by that clamour dread,Of whirlwind whose sweeping powers spread,And baffled havoc in rapid sway-“Awake, arrives the destined day-” O seat of violent tempest’s birth!That ruffled up the passive earth!Benediction of the universe!Consecrate me from ancient curse.

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” The mountainous columns of the triumphal arch,Through which with hurricane when I march,The stars behind me peep and peerThe firmament trembles with icy fear. O Muse! You laugh on your exalted throne,While famished people beneath me groan.What misery, anguish, torment or pain,Can match your charming euphoric strain? O slumbering one inebriated with wine!Immortal, blissful, enraptured, divine!You linger in your lasting dreams,Untouched by Apollo’s blazing beams. While all the winds with dirges ring,I am a cloud, I cannot sing.I burst no thunder, I shed no rain,I cry and weep, I am in pain.

 My clear drops falling like sacred dew,My arrows pierce your symphonies through.I weep till sorrow becomes ecstasy,I weep till the dawn of eternity. My thunder, a lute I love to play,To soothe a torrid, sultry day.My lightening, a glimpse of reaffirming hope,That night’s not endless, we can cope. Sparkling beneath my cool showers,Dance myriad thirsting flowers,And many a fountain, a river, a pond,As clear as crystalline diamond!Now renewed afresh, I smile from heaven,When the rainbow displays its colours seven. Perhaps my tears shall bear and bless,The burden of unaccustomed happiness.

My play is done, the pavilion lies bare,At last I descend to my sepulchre. Weak verses go kneel at your sovereign’s feet,Whose lyre’s splendid, whose wine is sweet,While I dissolve in oblivion’s cave,I pray, do not weep at my grave. For I shall rise another year,When heat becomes difficult to bear,Like a growing child in a hidden womb!Like a rising ghost in an obscure tomb!


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