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I have always thought that my purpose in life was to help people in anyway that I possibly could. As I got older and I thought more and more about my career choices, I decided that I wanted to become a counselor. This decision was not a hard one but one that comes with a lot of responsibility and motivation. Helping people can be exhausting if not balanced with relaxation and things that make me happy. Going through life only helping other people and not helping myself kind of makes me a hypocrite.

 I have to know how to help myself before I can help others and I feel that I am working on that to ensure that I have a good future. I have many hobbies that fill up the gaps of time when I am not doing school work. One hobby, in particular, is photography.

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 I enjoy going outside and taking pictures of things that I feel are worth having their picture taken. It also relaxes me and helps me to collect myself when I am feeling frustrated with my life or when I feel I just need a little boost of happiness to add to my day. Another hobby of mine is writing. I write because it helps me to express my feelings and it also relaxes me like photography does. I write about how my day was, conversations I had, things that annoy me, things that I love, things that I hate, people that I care about, and just about anything that pops into my head. School is something I feel that I have always been good at.

 I have gotten good grades most of my academic career and I feel like I learn based off of my interests. Learning is an amazing thing in my opinion and I feel as if everyone learns something new everyday. I am most excited to learn about the influence of different cultures and people on the works of American authors and how they portrayed that within their writings in this course.

 I hope to have some of my beliefs challenged by the complexity of history, and I hope to find a new author that sheds light onto some of the most important historical aspects in the world. 


I'm Gerard!

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