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I personally adore movies and simply cannot stop watching them. A few movies showed me vital standards throughout my life. But what makes a good movie? For a movie to attract me and remain in my memory, it should have six essential elements: the script, the character’s flaws, the acting performance, the timing’s structure, the sound’s ambiance, the visuals.Movies can be considered as another form of storytelling throughout motion pictures and you’ll be requiring an appealing decent story to tell that could attract.

The script offers the filmmaker a guide so they can create a well organized and engaging film.A character is known to have a role in a movie. Characters have a big impact on their film You should feel like you can relate to those characters. The central character of the film is very important. If people don’t like the central character, then the movie won’t do well. The acting performance is highly linked to the role of any character. Actors should maintain the emotions, their reaction, body language, facial expression stabled and must stick to their role. It shouldn’t be too weak nor too fierce.

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For example, if Leonardo DiCaprio never played as Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street; the movie would’ve been boring. The complexity that leo added to this movie is what makes it better. The performance of an actor is what separates a good movie from a great movie. The timings are used as an exchangeable term with conflict.Tension is connected with timing. As the audience expects certain results in the plot, the tension fabricates. The development of the tension usually parallels the progression of the plot, prompting a crisis or climax.The sound is an extremely effective appliance for narrating and giving the movie an impact.

You can utilize music to show where and when the scene is set. Changing the sound and the scenes at various times can turn out to be smooth, due to the fact that it makes the cuts less obvious. Before it moves to the following scene; this prepares us for the change. You can even edit your entire film or arrangement to music, with the pictures changing on each beat, or when there is an adjustment in the mindset of the music.Visual is a display used to illustrate or accompany something, something such as a piece of a film; it is related to capturing a scene with a camera. The camerawork should be at the right angle.

As in visuals, it consists of the costume, the looks, the effects that it has. The location should definitely match the costumes and the lighting to make the actors and the sets look significantly more appealing. If visuals aren’t properly established, it could ruin the entire tone of a movie..

Onto the examples of movies, the extraordinary movie that I love is “Fight Club”. The movie led me tenderly by the hand into the world of an insomniac who despises his life. Throughout the movie, I was increasingly drawn more into the riddle that encompasses his closest friend “Tyler”. Around 90 minutes into the film, the way the film is composed, rather than complaining, I sat down and I thought I should go with the rest of this journey with the characters. Why? I was intrigued by the characters.

Therefore, making a decent film isn’t simple. It requires a long time of diligent work. An enormous budget and a group of experts working with each other. Making it a success is significantly harder. For me, an engaging story, incredible performing artists, the reveal timing, the ambiance, the visuals, are fundamental to what makes a good movie.


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