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I participate in Simulation Program on Ageing. One of the stimulation activity was impressing me a lot.

We need to completely fill in the form under staff assistance. In order to being and experiencing a real old person, we wore a presbyopic glasses and put on finger, elbow and knee splint to do the task. Disengagement theory will be illustrated and increase of reaction time and tend to process information at a slower pace will be the age-related change in this particular activity. Those aging tools cause us come across different challenges during apply the Social Security Allowance in both physically and psychologically.

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Our joint mobility and vision were affected and made our reaction time increased as you need to pay more concentration on one task at a time. Finally, I cannot finish it in given time and I kept grumble, felt useless and experienced there will be a starting distance from society.Disengagement theory is the earliest gerontological theory in social functionalist perspective. Older people are gradually withdrawing and disengaging from society and social relationships in a natural way (Cumming & Henry, 1961). It describes aging people in spiritual impact will be less bound by the social networks and finally decreased level of involvement. Chronic illness, retirement, widowhood and other factors may contribute to this phenomenon.

And in this activity, first we experienced physical and mental decline. Poor range of motion and vision lead to difficulty in reading instructions and writing words. Second, the time we spread gradually increase as younger absorb new information faster while older decreased capacity to receive, a difference appears due to cognitive factors and reduced mobility (Castro & James, 2014). Under this condition, we easily want to give up and would not eager for getting the information that we want since we felt uncomfortable and suffered from the aging. Even staffs did give a helping hand, but still hard to follow the speed and direction as well. Finally, fail to finish the form and cannot get the allowance literally represent there is a distance and withdraw from the society. We can see the style of interaction was changed due to the altered status. Aging individual lose meaningful and accustomed role and adopt a new role in the disengaged state.

Disengagement process should be occurring with satisfaction and harmony. My grandma used to be active in society and community even after retried. She joined the singing group in community center and often had a meeting with friends and relatives. However, her health condition is declining with her growing age, and health decline is inevitable. Suffering from herpes zoster and hemorrhoids, she need to admit in hospital serval times. Hearing loss make her difficulty to maintain a normal conversation with others.

We need to keep repeat and speak loud as she refuses use hearing aid which she had tried but cannot insist on wearing it. Poor conversation lead to poor interaction and she felt tired in daily activity. She likes stay at home now. My grandma cannot compatible with natural part of growing old, frequency and quality of social interaction with others is diminished.

It demonstrates progress of disengagement.Aging simulation workshop provide a first-hand experience of being an old person. The sense of helplessness, feeling of dependency and incapability are deeply encountered. As a future nurse, if they ask for any request, we should do them a favor without hesitation and complain.

We can give more time and patient in assist in preforming their daily life but not deprive their ability to take care themselves. Autonomy is very important to each individual. Help elderly live in a meaningful way even they lose their accustomed role, as society need them just as they need society as well.


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