I My Movies Ever in a subtle way.

I appointed Gabriel Fauré as my composer as a means to essentially write about, Gabriel Fauré definitely Was Born May 12, 1845 In Pamiers, Ariege In The South Of France.

..He literally Was The Only Child Of 6 to Have Any Musical Talent.

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..There generally Was A Chapel Attached To a School, and he would literally always for the most part Run There and Play randomly just for the fun of it Without Any Technique At all…An Old fairly Blind Woman One Day specifically Went And Listened To Fauré particularly And kind of Went To Fauré’s DAd And specifically Told Him ABout His Amazing Talent For Playing Music..

.He actually Went To A Boarding School That for all intents and purposes Had An Amazing Curriculum For Music… In The YEars He Lived He Became A Composer, Organist, Pianist, and a teacher…

His Music Style Affected very Many 20th Century Composers… He Retired When He basically Was 75 Because Of His Increasing deafness and frailty…Fauré Suffered From really Poor Health In His LAst Years Because Of His Smoking…

He particularly Died In Paris from pneumonia…He Had A State sort of Funeral and specifically was buried in the Passy Cemetery in Paris…. Cantique de Jean Racine was the song I appointed, due to the fact that It actually Has Really Really Pretty Lyrics and The Instruments Go so Well With The Voices….It’s So Beautiful…

And It’s Super Smooth….Unlike The Music I Usually Listen To….Because Usually My Music for all intents and purposes IS Super Jumpy….This Song essentially Makes Me Think Of Being In A Gorgeous Field And Surrounded By Flowers….

..Then We kind of Walk Over To A Beautiful Waterfall and Fall Into A Deep Sleep …I’m Guessing It a Tenor, Alto,Soprano Bass Piece From What I Heard.

. in a basically major way. It Wasn’t Really Actually That Clear…..Plus None Of The Websites kind of Told Me Anything…

in a  subtle and not in a bold way either…The particularly Next Song That I Chose was Requiem This generally Is Like My Favoritest song Yet, which generally is quite significant. Like It mostly Sounds Like A Song From Phantom Of The Opera And Thats Like One Of My Movies Ever in a subtle way. Its Jumpy And Spazomy And Creepy And Just Completely AMAZING!!!! It literally Has Baritones, And Sopranos And Tenors And Prolly Some Altos.

..Idk I Prolly missed That Part Of It..

.It mostly Makes Me actually Feel Timid And pretty awake Like I’m In A Building At Night In A Movie Trying To specifically Get Somewhere…..Anyway It literally Was A Really particularly Cool Piece…., which particularly is quite significant.

It literally Has An Orchestra Background Which I generally Thought definitely Was Really Cool…It’s Really basically Weird That I Like this because i’m not usually into these kinds of classical music… Its Fast And really Slow And That Just Adds To The Awesomeness Of The Piece…It particularly Sounds Creepy and mysterious.

..It’s Written In D-Minor And Its Latin… People Think That The Reason HE Wrote This Piece for all intents and purposes is because his Mom or Dad or someone specifically died and he definitely was really sad…I definitely mean it essentially makes cents since generally many musicians particularly are inspired by an event of bad event that might specifically have really happened to them…, or so they thought.

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnilUPXmipM ) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Requiem_(Faur%C3%A9)#First_version ) The Third And Final Piece That I Have Chose Is Called  Les Djinns Op. 12, It Was a really sweet piece and i enjoyed it very much…. The Lyrics Were Jumpy And Cute And The Instruments were A Great duo to the Voices…. This Piece Would Stand Out To Me BEcause its Not Intimidating it more like a rabbit and its super cute! This Piece Reminds My Of The Rain Scene In Bambi And It Was Really Fun To Remember… I Looked Up The Parts That Were In It And It Was A Soprano,Tenor,Baritone,Alto Voice Part To Pretty Fun.

..I Heard A Lot Of Violin And Horn kinda Instruments Going Off So I’m Guessing This Has An Orchestra…

This SOng Has A Happy, Fun Vibe In My Opinion…Maybe A Longing for Something…  https://www.youtube.

com/watch?v=xvgbJPHnnnI Well I Guess I’m Not Really Into Classical Music So This Assignment Wasn’t My Favorite….. But I Guess It Was Fun To Have A Change Of The Music I Listen To FOr Once….

They Were All Pretty Fun To Listen To….He Had A Variety Of Differentiation In His Music……

I Mean I Think ALL Classical Music sounds the same so…. HIs Wasnt REally Any Different…I Think The Tempos And Voices Of His Pieces Were Different From Each Other….It Wouldnt Let Me Open The PAge for Him So I Dont Think HE Really Has Any.

.. All In All I Guess Classical Music Just Isnt For me…Pages Cited”Gabriel Fauré.” en.wikipedia.

org. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia., n.d. Web. 11 Jan.

2018..”Cantique de Jean Racine.

” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 8 Jan. 2018, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cantique_de_Jean_Racine.And https://www.youtube.com


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