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I tend to analyze emotions; I base it off their dialog, facial expressions, the setting and behavior. The Book Thief takes place from 1939-1942, during that time WW2 was happening. There was about 75 million deaths military and civilian combined and more than 30 countries were involved in various ways. The book Thief follows the story of a young girl, Liesel Meminger, during WW2 when she moved in with Rosa and Hans Hubermann. At that time Jewish people were going in hiding, trying everything not to get slaughtered, playing a cat and mouse game that eventually most of them lost.

The Truman Show is about a man who is the star of his own tv show. The catch; His whole life had been fabricated. Everyone around him, his loved ones and strangers were all actors. His entire life had been a lie, everybody knew and played a part. In the book Thief and Truman Show I discovered they have 2 things in common; 1-everything was out of there control and 2- They all have extrinsic motivation. Truman’s whole life was ran by a producers, every single move he made was dictated by somebody else. In the book thief the jews are scrambling. They are trying to get away and survive against the odds stacked against them.

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There life went spiraling out of control. One minute they were regular people, raising their kids in a happy household and the next thing they know they are being thrown into auschwitz, being seperated from there family not knowing if they will ever see eachother again. They lost their stability to war.A Lot of the germans also lost control. Families were being threatened and even If they didn’t agree with what hitler was saying usually they would join for the sake of their families. It’s usually said that parents would do anything and sacrifice everything for their children’s well being and this was just something some german people had to do even if it meant doing something horrible, to them it was not the right thing but the only thing to do to keep there family alive.


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