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I was the kid that loved to take everything apart and put it back together sometimes. I crave to learn what makes it tick, what makes it function. I guess there is something in my personality that entices me to solve problems. My inclination for Physics and Mathematics in my high school influenced me to choose Mechanical Engineering, and I completed Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Mechanical Engineering. The merging of fundamental research with real-world applications has really captivated and inspired me to pursue a MS in Mechanical Engineering. In my undergraduate study along with theoretical studies, I developed great interest in SolidWorks. Designing complex automobile components and participating in design contests helped me to enhance my design skills which motivated me to learn simulation-based software like ANSYS. Knowledge of all these software enables me to deliver an optimum solution of complex structural engineering problems and make better design decisions.I fostered great interest in Heat transfer, Fluid Mechanics, HVAC and renewable energy.I completed my undergraduate research work on energy consumption and efficient energy systems titled as “Prospect of Solar Energy in Bangladeshi Textile Industry.” We conducted a walk-through energy audit, analyzed the existing energy consumption, calculated the payback period of solar panel and emissions reduction has also been estimated. In our result, we found that implementation of the solar power plant of 450kw is feasible and it will reduce 1152.65 tons of flue gas emission annually. Besides,I also worked on a project “Design, Construction and study of the performance of a flat-plate solar heater for winter air conditioning and Duct design of a small residential building in Bangladesh.” It developed my knowledge of heat transfer and HVAC. While my research focused on experimental works, these projects exposed me to the computational methods mechanical engineers commonly use.After my graduation, I felt that pursuing a graduate degree is a natural next step as I have enjoyed my research experience. But before that, I aspired to work in a large power plant.Four months of internship at Ashuganj Power Station Company Ltd (APSCL) provided me with the opportunity to implement the problem-solving skills cultivated throughout my undergraduate, also the principles learned in courses such as thermodynamics, power plant engineering, fluid mechanics and heat transfer to quickly perceive the concepts and ideas. Working in largest powerplant in Bangladesh helped me discover just how passionate I am about the fields of heat transfer, thermodynamics and energy efficiency. Confidence and skills gained through the experience of will benefit me as a researcher. Whilst sustaining a high academic standard, my self-organization has enabled me to participate in various social activities and events. Currently, I volunteer for “YOUNG BANGLA”  where I took part in arranging events like public awareness concerts and school debate programs. Having an interest in teaching, I worked as a volunteer teacher at “Education for Deprived Student” Noakhali, Bangladesh. I tried to teach science in a fun and interactive way. These diverse experience and participations collectively shaped my personality, helped me to be socially accomplished with confidence, leadership qualities and enhanced my communicative capabilities with mass people. My decision to choose Oklahoma State  University is mainly because of its excellence in curriculum, teaching, and research.Department of  Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering provide a vibrant and stimulating learning and research environment.In particular, I am interested to pursue my future research work in Thermal and Fluid Science. Research works of Dr. Craig R. Bradshaw and Dr. Khaled A. Sallam based on Thermal and Energy Systems and intrigued me most and research focus perfectly aligns with my interests. To me, life is to create a difference between what I was yesterday and what I am today. Upon completion of my study, I intend to stay in academia. Taking advanced courses from the professors, working in most modern laboratories and always pushing the personal limit, the Engineering program at this university is perfect for me to pursue my PhD and achieve my personal goals. I believe that I am a good candidate for a MS position in Mechanical Engineering at X and I hope you will give my application a strong consideration.


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