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Ibelieve that if we spoke a different language, we would perceive the worlddifferently. Knowing another language helps us learn and understand the cultureof that language. This is why I want to become a translator or interpreter as Iam intrigued by how different cultures can be. I am excited to discover thehidden perception of communication and culture, which can allow me to educateothers through translation.

I am bilingual speaker of English and Italianmeaning that I have encountered life in both cultures. I believe that speakinganother language allows you to think and see things in several ways that othersmay not be familiar with. This reflects precisely why I feel so passionateabout many languages around the world. My fascination towards English, Italianand Spanish, in particular, is closely related to this. From a young age, I wastranslating and interpreting for my mother, who cannot speak good English. Withthis, I have found that I enjoy interpreting for others as it brings me greatsatisfaction knowing that I can help others through verbal and writtencommunication. My motivation for wanting to study translation is connected tothe attractiveness of the languages and cultures that come with it. I am eagerto unravel the history of English, Italian and Spanish language as they haveintrigued me like no other language has.

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Their literature has also inspired meto learn the languages as well as motivating me for the future for example ‘ComoAgua Para Chocolate’ by Laura Esquivel and ‘Io Non Ho Paura’ by NiccoloAmmaniti. I believe reading books in its original language is more beneficialto the reader because you can discover different vocabulary structures andcultural themes that you did not know before. I have always been interested inexploring different meanings of the same word as all three of these languagesare so rich in their vocabulary. As a result I enjoy being able to express asimilar feeling or thought in many other ways. Personally I find interpreting achallenge.

It amazes me how one can simultaneously interpret with accuracy; inthe future I would like to gain the skills to become an interpreter myself. Ihave studied Spanish for seven years at an academic level which has urged me totake my learning further and study it at A Level. In addition to improve mywriting skills I decided to take Italian as an A Level because I only hadconversational skills meaning that I did not know how to write an essayconfidently without guidance. During the language courses, not only have Ibecome more confident in translating from English to Italian and Spanish toEnglish, it has also allowed me to improve my linguistic ability and amplifiedmy interest in translation.

In my last year at school I volunteered to teach astudent Italian, to allow me to develop my teaching skills which could benefit mein the future. During the lessons, I have found that it bring me satisfactionto teach the language, and I feel like I’m learning new things with my student whichhelps me to amplify my knowledge. Before university I am looking to go to Spainfor the summer to improve my fluency in the language through work experienceand living in the community. Studying translation and interpretation atuniversity will not only allow me to immerse myself into different cultures,but it will also help me practice translating and interpreting as profession. Isustain that one can do many things with speaking a new language; manyopportunities can arise in the future. Being brought up in both cultures hasbeen benefited my life in many aspects, it has helped me learn a new languagesuch as Spanish. I believe that knowing a language such as Spanish will openmany doors, as its one of the most spoken language in the world.

In today’sworld the demand for translators and interpreters rises every day. I wish tohelp people to better their communication and to be given this opportunity andbe part of the translating community.


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