I in my family spoke enough Spanish

I feel incredibly fortunate to have been homeschooled. I had abundant opportunities, freedom, and time.

I was able to study what interested me. For a long time, that interest was Greek, Norse, and Egyptian mythology. I participated in the National Mythology Exam for four years, earning one gold medal and three silver medals. My family traveled often.

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I’ve been to Kenya, Costa Rica, England, Germany,  France, the Netherlands and about half of the United States. Traveling has given me a broader perspective on the world. Extensive travel and contact with people from other cultures and walks of life also helped spark my interest in interpreting American Sign Language. I’ve been to countries where I could barely speak a word of the language and I found it frustrating and stressful. My family got lost on the way to the airport in Costa Rica and we couldn’t ask anyone for assistance because no one in my family spoke enough Spanish and we couldn’t find anyone who spoke English. Eventually, we were able to communicate the problem to a friendly police officer who then escorted us to the airport with plenty of time to catch our flight home.

I’ve been taking American Sign Language classes since I was fifteen. First, at a local homeschool co-op and later doing PSEO so I could take ASL classes and get college credit. Originally, I took the classes because I needed to fulfill a language requirement to graduate high school. However, I really loved the classes and soon realized interpreting would be a great career for me. I have submitted a class proposal to teach beginning ASL for the 2018-19 school year at a local homeschool co-op for students aged 12-18. I have also developed an interest in learning other sign languages. I learned the British Sign Language alphabet in one of my ASL classes and ever since I’ve been eager to learn more. I’m going to London this summer for a concert and I intend to pick up some words in BSL while I’m there!The hobby I’m most passionate about is playing guitar and bass.

I started playing two years ago. Listening to punk music is what got me to finally pick up the guitar and start playing. A year after I started taking PSEO classes at North Hennepin Community College  I found out about a ‘garage band’ class. We spent the semester learning and playing songs as a group. Instead of a traditional final, the class performed in a theater to our friends and family. Music will definitely be a lifelong hobby for me.

I look forward to completing my B.A. in Interpreting, playing in a band, and continuing to travel.


I'm Gerard!

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