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I choose to do a report on Patrick Hawes he is a famous composer and conductor from the United Kingdom. He was born december 5, 1958 he is 59 years old. He lives in Lincolnshire, UK. It doesn’t exactly say why he got into music, but he does say in an interview that music is everything to him that he has music in his head all day long.

He started out teaching english and music but gave up english to focus on music. His main job now is a composer and conductor full time after 16 years of teaching. He has composed 89 choral pieces that are very beautiful.The first piece I  have chosen by Patrick Hawes is called peace beyond thought the reason I chose this piece is because it is so powerful in so many ways all of the different vocals is so beautiful I spent a long time listening to his pieces to find the perfect ones and this is one that stood out from the rest.

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It short but sweet as I like to say. It is unaccompanied which means it is acapella I specifically tried to find music that didn’t have instruments not because I don’t like them just because I enjoy music without it. When I listen to this piece I think about a peaceful time in my life when everything was okay nothing was wrong the lyrics are also so powerful. It was written for SATB. In a way it could be happy or sad it’s how you take it personally. Personally when I first heard it I was in a really good mood so I took it as a happy song so in my opinion it is happy.  This piece is in english. My favorite thing about the piece the the harmony it is just so beautiful.

https://www.patrickhawes.com/2016/12/20/peace-beyond-thought/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbgoXSoyEKE The second choral piece that I chose is called Quanta Qualia. The reason I chose this piece is because of its beauty in the beginning it is soft then gets powerful then it gets softer in the middle again which I really enjoyed.

The reason it stands out to mw is also some of the reasons I chose it it has so much dimension it is just a wonderful piece it is something I would listen to. When I listen t o this piece I think of an ocean and how it builds, but can be so soft yet so harsh at the same time. This piece makes me think of a beautiful day on the beach looking at all the fish and the colorful coral in the ocean.

I once took a trip to an island and got a chance to go in a submarine to look at the ocean in the dark how colorful it really is. How above it can be full of waves but below the surface or in the middle is calm and soft and precious kind of like this song. So when I hear this song I think about the trip that I took in the deep blue sea. It is listed as SSAATTBB. The instruments that accompany this piece are a full orchestra, piano, organ, and a saxaphone.

This piect can also be taken as either happy or sad it’s what it makes you think about, it makes me think of a happy time so I think it is a happy song, but others may disagree so in my opinion like the last piece I find it happy. This song is in Latin which in my opinion is one of the reasons it is so beautiful i’ve always found latin pieces to pretty. I found a video on him talking about this piece and this is what he said. This piece was very special to him because it was his first piece that was ever in print.

It was also his most popular piece at the time. He had originally wrote the song for his friend to sing she was a soprano. He also said that his brother wrote the lyrics for the song. https://www.patrickhawes.com/2016/12/01/quanta-qualia/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0a9ePhbc2o The Third and Final piece that I chose is hallelujah it is just so genuine it is a gorgeous piece it is outstanding with all of the different parts.

The reason I chose this song is how he took just a simple words and made it into something beautiful. This piece stood out to me because i’ve heard a lot of hallelujah songs but this one was just different it was amazing. I’m usually not into music like this, but the songs that i’ve listened to changed my mind they are just beautiful pieces. When I hear this song I just think about going to church and how much it means to me. This piece is written in SATB. There are no instruments in this piece it is solely a choir like the first piece I chose like I said before I really enjoy acapella pieces because it really lets you hear the harmony in a piece and that is my favorite part of a song the harmonies especially the unique ones that really stand out it just makes a song.

This song is a happy song it is showing the glory of God. I couldn’t find if this piece had a backstory or not. https://www.patrickhawes.com/2017/01/04/hallelujah/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoTPhGGrWsY The music I chose to write about were unique in their own ways.

They were all similar as well if I had heard all of them I would have known they were all by the same person which is really common for a composer to have music that is similar. I think one of the reasons I chose these three pieces is because of how similar they are it is the sound I love hearing,. The second I heard them I knew they were the ones I was going to write about. The differences in the pieces I chose is two out of the three are acapella and one is not. My last thoughts are that he has incredible music it isn’t really what I was expecting, but I enjoyed it and it’s hard to find music that I like so I was surprised.

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