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I cannot outshine Martin Luther King Jr. words — ‘Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and inhumane.’  From an early course in my professional career, I have demonstrated attentiveness in the health justice realms and policy. Committing my life to help others has given me a sense of purpose and inclusion.

From my seven years serving in Egyptian public health clinics as a dentist to working in health promotion projects appointed by Mckinsey and Company in Saudi Arabia to my research in the MSc management that focused on patient safety. My motivation to research “Injection Safety in A Primary healthcare establishment” was as a result of the disturbing statistic that in Egypt, Hepatitis C viral infection constitutes the highest prevalence rate in the world. I would like to continue my public health journey by pursuing the MPH degree at Dalla Lana School of public health. I will equip myself with the renowned mentorship provided by the program’s diversified faculty to broaden my horizons in addressing the ever-changing health determinants’ bottlenecks. Throughout the course of my studies, I will continue to make progress at the development of a more in-depth and sophisticated understanding of public health realms meanwhile I will become increasingly skilled as an independent researcher who is able to effectively lead research teams in the study of how to best prevent population morbidity and mortality.Besides the vigour and the apt professional knowledge base the curriculum offers, I desire my learning experience to be active and hands-on; a quality provided in the programme through the full-time practicums.

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  This suits my learning paradigm; that is working through real health issues and putting pertinent theory into practice. The practical understandings will open opportunities for me to serve as a health promoter and a change agent during the program and after earning the degree. As a previous dentist and healthcare director, I am passionate about health policies to enhance access to healthcare. Especially among communities that experience health disparities, or when the linguistic barriers and lack of cultural competency happen to become a conundrum.  I am particularly interested in Research, Policy and Education regarding diseases of poverty, mental health awareness, societal mores and behaviour that influence health and the health promotion for marginalized populations. Another aspect I aspire to explore is the cross-cultural and societal competency, for I believe that the health promotion is not only limited to the efforts of public health scientists; likewise, it could be what the bonhomie of people to help each other with the public health sector as a vehicle. For me, the beauty of public health is found in the brilliant title of Dean Alfred Sommer book “saving lives, millions at a time”.Despite being not an easy field, I have the purpose and the determination.

I am a diligent hard worker (MSc, G.P.A 3.

56 and B.D.S, grade V.good-excellent). I have the passion and energy to enjoy the challenges as part of the journey and take my work to the whole nine yards.


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