I to the disciplinary rules and regulations of

I hereby certify that this thesis has been composed by me and is based on my own work, unlessstated otherwise. No other person’s work has been used without due acknowledgement in thisthesis. All references and verbatim extracts have been quoted, and all sources of information,including graphs and data sets, have been specifically acknowledged.In view of the governing body of Al-Medina International University, I declare that the entire research work in this thesis was carried out in accordance with the regulations of Al-Medina International University.

It is original and the result of my own exertion, unless otherwise designated or acknowledged as referenced work. This investigation is original and has not been submitted to any other academic institution or non-academic institution for the entirety of any other academic purposes. In the event this work is found to infringe on the conditions mentioned above, I willingly surrender the right of conferment of my academic qualification and agree to be subjected to the disciplinary rules and regulations of MEDIU, Thank you.

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