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I have received your complaint regarding the breach of confidentiality of one of our staff members. I would like to reassure you that we maintain our confidentiality to the highest and professional of standards in our nursery. We maintain our confidentiality to keep our children safe from any harm and protect children from any dangers. If information is leaked it could affect the child and it could be a serious problem to the child and the family.
To keep the children in our care safe we make sure our policies meet the requirements and standards of the data protection regulation act legislation. We do this by ensuring all information about the child is kept under strict conditions making sure that important paper work is held in a cabinet which can be locked so one on one but trusted staff members can accesses the privet information. Sensitive information that is kept online is secured with passwords and a backup of the information is also kept in case of information being lost or stolen. If photos are going to be taken of the children, the parents are always asked if they give consent for their child to have their photo taken. lawaspect.com
If information is shared with any other practitioner or a specialist, it is done only done on a need to know based so only those who absolutely need to know about the information. Information may also be shared if there is an emergency. The Information is shared in a professional manner with only the people that need to know in a privet room or area away from children, people and other practitioners. If families have shared information about something sensitive, we make sure that its discussed whether the information is confidential first to confirm that it can not be shared with just any one. The only time information would be shared without any consent is if the child the child is in direct serious harm. If information needs to be discussed it should be discussed in the nursery setting in a professional manner and should not leave the nursery setting or be talked about in casual conversation. www.teachearlyyears.com
If parents have concerns about their child’s private information or privacy, they can request to see their child’s records. If there are other children involved with the child’s information, they must also give permission to let the parent see that information. Any information that is not given consent to cannot be given out to the parent.
For any observations are done the information is kept privet to protect the child this is done by only using initials and not the child’s full name. The observation is stored safely so the information about the child is not available to everyone.


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