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I have chosen the Netflix original series Mind Hunter for this discussion. It revolves around FBI agent Holden Ford and Bill Tench with psychologist Wendy Carr. They team up and interview imprisoned serial killers to understand their psychology in hopes of applying the knowledge in solving ongoing cases.Holden Ford is an FBI agent specialized in hostage negotiation. Wendy Carr is a psychologist professor.

Holden and Bill sit down with the serial killers such as Ed Kemper and Ted Bundy with the evident goal of psychoanalysis for criminal profiling. Wendy, the psychologist prepares the questionnaire and is the backbone of the research. The dominant psychological perspective that represent this show for me is psychodynamic perspective. Studying the psychological forces such as behavior, feeling and emotion and how they may be connected to childhood experience. Critical thinking has been applied to the story line for this show. Story line shows how three strangers find their way toward each other and then to gather knowledge through imprisoned criminals on how criminal mind actually thinks, feels and behaves.

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They don’t want to just get the knowledge but use it to solve ongoing crimes and to evidently put the criminals behind bars.


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