I me. During her technical interview for this

I would like to recommend Urvi Sengar for you MS in MIS program.

My first encounter with Urvi was during a Skype Interview for the Consultant position in Capgemini. I was fairly confident on recruiting her and her flexibility to move to a new city and work on flexible shifts is what amazed me.During her technical interview for this position she showed excellent grasp on her skill in Oracle Applications and SQL.

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Within no time she was a part of our team in Capgemini. She came with a similar background in Oracle Applications which was an asset to our team. She started taking up responsibilities from the very beginning. She demonstrated strong critical thinking skills to resolve issues. She also simultaneously worked on the new areas of this project like Supply Chain Management and Finance and in no time she started taking up those tickets singlehandedly.

She assisted the team with critical month end issues and was the part of year end fiscal closing activity.She has also shown enormous flexibility coupled with efficiency & hard work. There were several times when she extended hours to attend meeting and worked on weekdays for Sanity and other Oracle Testing activities. She has made strong relationship with the client and was successful in coming out as a point of contact for issues in Purchasing, Order Management, Configurator and custom applications like Markview. Her contributions in modifying Oracle alerts and packages have automated processes and helped the client reduce errors and optimize the system. She has also received several client appreciations and the Customer counts upon her to resolve issues promptly.

To remain upskill, she has taken up trainings in Oracle EBS Functional and Capgemini Big Data training.Lately, she has risen herself up to an unofficial leadership role. She has mentored new joiners and has trained them successfully to take up issues independently. She is always around to answer their questions and provide thoughtful advice and support on various projects. During appreciation week in Capgemini, she received several solicited compliments from her fellow team members.

Speaking personally, she has great bond with all team members.   To Whom it May Concern: I would like to recommend Becky James for your MBA program. Becky has worked as my assistant for the last three years. During that time, she has been moving toward her goal of enrolling in an MBA program by building her interpersonal skills, honing her leadership ability, and gaining hands-on experience in operations management.   I believe that Becky will be able to contribute to your program in a number of ways.

Not only is she well-versed in the field of operations management, she also has a contagious enthusiasm that encourages those around her to work harder and achieve solutions for both personal and professional problems. She knows how to work well as part of a team and is able to model appropriate communications skills in almost any given situation.  


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