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I chose to do my project on the Avro Arrow because it was something thatinterested me. I will be talking about what it is, who made it, why was itimportant, why they made it, what they made it for, why they stopped making it,why Canada was so upset about the government cancelling it, and what didCanada do to replace the Arrow. The government cancelled the Avro Arrowbecause they said it was too expensive and that it wasn’t much use anymore, itwasn’t worth the money.The Avro Arrow is an advanced supersonic twin-engined, all weather interceptorjet aircraft that was developed by Alliot Verdon Roe of Canada in 1949. Then thegovernment cancelled the project in 1959.

This plane was very aerodynamic sothat it could fly smoothly. The CF-105 Arrow was a delta-wing jet interceptoraircraft was designed and built by Avro Aircraft limited in Malton, Ontario,Canada. It was a design study that began in 1953. This planes first flight wasMarch 25, 1958 and flew 1,600km/hr at 50,000 feet.

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With the building pressureof the Cold War, North American defence became a keystone in Canada’sforeign policy. The main danger to the country in the early 1950s was a nuclearattack by the Soviet Union. After the CF-100 was incapable of doing its job, theyneeded a new fighter jet to be developed and deployed. The Avro Arrow wasthe answer to this air defence gap. In 1954 the CF-105 was appointed They made the Avro Arrow because it was a supersonic jet fighter and itwas an attack aircraft that was being designed by Avro Canada in the 1950s.They also had the CF-100 Canuck that was also built by Avro Canada but itcould not go as fast enough.

The CF-105 would go twice the speed of the otherplanes. They started making this plane at the beginning of the Cold Warbecause the Soviet Union were making Nuclear bombs to have the possibility touse them and to have a threat on us. The Avro Arrow was made so that if therewere enemy’s in a plane they could catch up to them faster than any other planecould and blow it up.The Avro Arrow shows a period of time where Canada stood up and didsomething on its own. For Canadians the Avro Arrow became a symbol for boththe potential and the unfulfilled promise of Canadian innovation. In many ways itbecame a symbol of the country, at the time Canada was in the top three largestproducers of special parts, but the cancellation of the Arrow absolutelydevastated the Canadian aerospace industry.

Canada was very upset about thecancellation of the CF-105 because 60,000 lost their jobs and they weren’tgetting paid. The day the Avro Arrow was cancelled became Black Friday in theCanadian industry. Two months after the cancellation all assembly lines, tooling, plans andexisting airframes were destroyed so they didn’t make any new planes, theywould’ve had to buy one. The Royal Canadian AirForces began replacing its1950s aircrafts with smaller numbers. The next plane that the Royal CanadianAirForces was flying was the CF-101 Voodoo, it was armed with the “blivet”.

This planes top speed was 1,825 km/hr and was 21m long. They purchased itfrom the American Aircraft manufacturer. There was talk about remaking theAvro Arrow in 2020 when the CF-18s is expected to need replacement. It is truethat the Arrow was designed to make high specifications, this plane could flyvery high and very fast for long periods of time.

It wouldn’t take much to ruin thefire missiles.As you can see the Avro Arrow was a big part of Canadian history because itwas a big help to Canadians during the Cold War, it was a very fast and verystrong plane. The Arrow was one of the best planes that Canada has had duringtheir wars.

I think that the cancellation of the Arrow was a very bad idea, Canadahas been trying to come up with a new plane that will be the same as the Arrowand they can’t so that’s why they are talking about remaking it in 2020.


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