I found the article composed by Sonia Bodi was exceptionally enlightening and curiously. In spite of the fact that numerous of the thoughts she displayed I concurred with, there were moreover a few focuses that I’d like to contend against. To begin with I would like to reply the address that was proposed in the title of this article: How do we bridge the crevice between what we ( teachers) educate and what they ( understudies) do? To fill in that crevice, both sides require to work together. Understudies require to thrust themselves to extend their information and offer assistance themselves ended up more curious, basic, and intelligent. Teachers, on the other hand, ought to thrust and challenge the understudies to gotten to be superior scholars and offer assistance them utilize what abilities they know to their advantage. When understudies and teachers are considering on the same page, they will begin to get it each other’s perspective, in this way making investigating a paper more easier.


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