I communications and signal processing. But I believe

I have always worked toward strengthening my technical skills as well as to venture beyond the confines of my academic curriculum and classroom lectures. I aspire to pursue a Master’s program in Management Information Systems at your reputed University to reach my goals.  In the past decade, there has been an exponential growth in the field of information technology (IT). Internet, media and technology have taken the world by storm and the Digital Revolution has finally made its mark. This proved that the role of IT in our lives is immense and is needed in every walk of life. I realised it applies to engineering also as hardware and technical developments cannot alone be used without Information Technology. For my Bachelors, I have taken up Electronics and communication engineering which had subjects of my interest like Digital Communication, Satellite Communication etc.

but also led me to thinking on the incompleteness of these fields without IT. I have come across programming languages like C and C++ which I further strengthened by attending seminars and taking up online courses on programming and data structures. During my program, I have also taken up subjects like Engineering economics and management through which I noticed that my technical skill need to be coupled with management studies as well to prepare myself for the challenges ahead. Further my experience as a member of Team Alloy, a student run marketing and event management firm, only confirmed my resolve to take up management related program for my masters. My goal is to be a pioneer in the field of IT management.For my final year project, I have taken up Digital Image processing using MATLAB software.

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I am working on “Road information extraction from remote sensing images”. The software simulation involves filters and amplifiers which are the basics for communications and signal processing. But I believe the whole concept comes under Information Management as it deals with creating a digital internet based environment. I believe this project can be implemented to create more efficient maps to work along with navigation and positioning systems such as GPS.

I was active in the extra-curricular front as well. During my school days, I was elected as the Vice-captain and Captain of my house successively for three years. I have organised various events and competitions during my tenure as a captain. I have also taken part in a lot of quizzes and Olympiads where I have done well. During my bachelor’s I have been a member of National Service Scheme unit of my university where we worked towards environmental issues and also actively participated in cyclone relief operations.I have also been a part of Team Alloy, a student run marketing and even management organisation, since my first year of college where I have first learnt the importance of management in any business. After a year of being a member, I was asked to lead different teams like Marketing team and Communications and Information Management team through which I got a great sense of leadership and its responsibilities.

I actively took part in the social work done by Alloy too in events like Vote awareness campaign, a day with the children in an orphanage and on Mother’s Day 2014, we organised fun events at an old age home. I also helped organise a national level technical fest iSquareR on our campus along with my fellow IETE members.


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