I up children. When we pay taxes

I disagree with the fact that kids are being sent to prison for silly reasons. This can make the kid worse than they were when they first were sent into the prison. It could. have lasting effect on the child’s development. The worst part of it is, is that it is mostly happening to kids of color.That’s right this is mostly happening to kids of color. They do not feel any type of sympathy for these colored children.

They don’t even treat them respectfully. After all they are still kids. Most of these children have mental issues, or are mentally handicapped. They act like the prison is the medicine for these issues. Kids lose precious time with their families,schools, and neighborhoods because of this prison system. They lose the opportunity to gain skills necessary to be successful adults.

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What is hard for these kids is not to get out of the prisons, its to stay out of the prisons. This is obviously because the prison system is not working. If it were working, kids would be staying out of these prisons. In the next paragraph I will explain how us Americans are kind of tricked into helping people lock up children. When we pay taxes that money is used to lock up children.

It’s time to raise awareness about these issues and pledge that we will make sure the story is told. Let’s not lock up our children and rob them of the very support they need most.


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