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I would like to present the following recommendations to mycompany on the use of spread sheet use,·      The first step is toevaluate the use of spread sheets in the business that whether these sheets areused by clerical staff or the higher hierarchy still uses the same tool topresent their workings.·      Second comes the measure ofmagnitude the information in spread sheet has on company policies &decisions and then made the required protocols as if it is used by clericalstaff an overview of information will be enough but if it is used by the higherhierarchy, thorough review will be necessary before made it public.

·       The size of organization is critical beforetaking any decision as larger the organization the more is the need of adeveloped system (program) than the adoption of these spread sheets.·      The proper training andimplementations of spread sheet use protocols is also important for the staffthat could avoid the mistake when information is entered and saved in thesesheets. This could include the use of a strict password protected sheets acrossthe company that will eliminate the risk of unauthorized access to thesesheets. The above mentioned protocols seem to increase the workloadof company resources but are very important for the protected processing ofcompany information with maximum level of accuracy that is importance incurrent competitive business world.

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