I it had aggravated assault in it. It

I chose this case because I thought it would be interesting and also because it had aggravated assault in it.

It was interesting to read how a woman and her friend could attack another person who they thought had killed her sister. To find out that this person was unknown to them only made me read further into the case and try and understand what had happened. The facts of the case were quite confronting and to read that somebody could hit another person with a hammer and then kick them while they were unconscious made me feel sad on the victims behalf.The appellant had a long history of crime and seemed to take matters into her own hands, one could say just like customary law.The judge could have handed down a longer sentence (up to 20years)than 4 years as per the Criminal Code (WA), s 304(2) but with a guilty plea he reduced it by 20% which I did not know happened.The case also shows you how the judge outlines all the relevant statute laws and explains how he has come to a decision.The case is significant because it shows you how the legal system works and how much research goes into a court case.I have researched Kerryn Sue Ugle and could not in any media information as I have come to believe that this sort of case is quite common within the court system.

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