I couldn’t ignore the fact the pillars of

I was walking along the beach in Thailand thinking through the year thatwas 2017.

It was an exhilarating year filled with highs, lows and filled withrich lessons for growth. As I felt the unforgiving sun on my face, I wanted toview these challenges as not stumbling blocks, but as stepping stones. I cameto a realisation that these challenges are my servants, and they would serve mewell if I truly understood and accepted these lessons were trying to teach mesomething. I couldn’t ignore the fact the pillars of my life were crippled, butit had not defeated my willpower. It was a year filled with many changes hasand has molded me for the better man that I am today. From the high ofrekindling with my dad who was absence from our lives for 3 years and the lowof discovering that a loved one diagnosed with bowel cancer.

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It is truly amazingthe power of prayer can do to help our family through such a tumultuousjourney, and I can proudly say that we have beaten the beast with flyingcolours. We did it.I reflected that all these changes serving as a test. A test that mademe lose my way.

I had forgotten my identity. At times, it had blurred andconfused my purpose and questioned my willpower on a daily basis. I haddiscovered being an’easy going’ person had its disadvantages. To be specific,it had meant I had not completely confronted and resolved previous issues,which were slowly accumulating in the background on subconscious avenue.

It hadtaken a toll on my mind which led me down the path of mental illness. I remember looking out onto the blue ocean of Thailand and feeling asense of gratitude. It sent a cold shiver.

I closed both eyes and as tears werecoming down my face, I screamed out loudly thank you for coming into my life. Igreeted the two men who were swimming back to shore. The first guy nameddepression and the other was named anxiety. I looked both men in the eye andthanked them. They had served an important role in my life. They made merealised that I had unresolved issues and I needed to strengthen my willpower.

Itwas in this moment, there was an overwhelming feeling running through my bodyand I knew in that moment that I had risen to my strongest self. All majorissues that I had parked are now resolved and I was at peace with what I havedone and who I am. 2018. Iwill let go of my victim story and will rise to my strongest self. I wanted to share with you an important gift that I had learnt through thisjourney with the help of my councilor which was to love myself. What I mean by this, is to simply be kind myself.

Don’t underestimate the meaning of self-love. Idid. We are caught up in our day to day lives that we sometimes forget to stopand say thank you to ourselves for doing such a good thing. We are often ourown hardest critics, and in the process, I had developed a toxic and negativeself-talk. I didn’t realise how bad my self-talk was until my councilor hadreplayed the things that I was saying.

I was a completely different person.Through reflection and continual support through my friendship circle, I havetransformed into the best version of me to the world. Thank you to thosepeople. You have saved my life.

I took the opportunity to go on a therapeutic holiday filled with dailymassages (i.e. one of my self-love activities) with the intention of buildingand instilling new habits.

I wanted to come back focused and determined tochase results of what 5% of people have. To obtain this, I must have the gutsto do what the 5% of people are willing to do. I had to refine and strengthenmy willpower. View it as a muscle. To continually strengthen my willpowerthrough the daily decisions I make.

To begin each day, mind over mattress. Toget up as soon it hits 5am with no excuses. I’ve joined the illustrious 5ambreakfast club. I have a goal of making this into a habit, to engrain this intomy neuroarchitecture (I made up this word), a new mental highway that can onlybe done through continual practice and routine.

I want to start the day feelingunstoppable. I will never again be reactive. Each day, I will prepare my mind,body and spirit, take control of my values and reiterate my purpose whilst theworld is asleep. I need to remember that as change is always hard at the start,messy in the middle but gorgeous at the end.

The golden hours from 5am to 8amis where I give myself self-love. The holy hours that is scheduled in my diary.A mental note. If it isn’t in myschedule, it doesn’t get done. I owe this to myself and I will get thereuntil it feels missing as part of my day. As I am shaping my mindset, I also want to pay focus on my heartset.

My heartset is one of mybiggest weapons filled with kindness and empathy. I want to inspire mycolleagues, friends and family that we are human with emotion and it is ok tobe vulnerable to one another. Being vulnerable means we build trust. Mindsetand heartset matters.I’m on the way.

I am now in my best version of my mindset and heartsetas well physical shape. I am unstoppable.I will rise to my strongest self. I can proudly say that I love myself.

2018. I am eating you for breakfast at 6:00am.  


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