I With my experience as a Project

Iam using this medium to apply for a position in the Masters of Media Innovationthat is offered at NHIV Breda University of Applied Sciences. I am SeksanDikriangdet, I obtained my B.

BA in Information Systems from the RajamanglaUniversity of Technology. I am working as a Digital Project Manager at ISOBAR,where I am planning, resourcing, analyzing and managing all projects to meetthe timeline and budgets.  Ihave chosen NHIV Breda University of Applied Sciences because the schoolprovides students with not just the theoretical knowledge, but also practicalknowledge and bridges the gap between theory and practice in media studies. Thisis a requirement in order to produce and distribute knowledge on noveltechniques effectively, both for academic research and practical applications.

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 Withmy experience as a Project Manager, Web Designer, and Art Director, I wish todevelop my knowledge of media technology and turn my focus towards theirapplications into project management, art directing and website designing. Bygoing through the program’s curriculum, I realized that the subject materialcovered will significantly improve my career pursuits. Also, the compulsoryresearch project is a very important way of building my project management andweb designing skills.

 Inorder to become successful in the world of digital project management, one musthave excellent problem-solving and analytical skills. This program will not onlydevelop my analytical skills, but will help me look beyond the surface ofdigital media and distinguish crucial digital process, and also assist me intransforming analytical insights into the building blocks by means of which Ican design more media products. By designing and delivering several conceptsduring the program, I will be able to build my time management, problem-solvingand analytical skills, which are very important for my career.

 Isincerely believe that I am qualified enough, possess strong academicbackground and research skills to be able to perform well in the master’sprograms as well as contribute to the university and the Media Technologyindustry as whole. Thank you for your time and consideration of my application.I look forward to your positive response.


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