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I struggled to locate a good example of the laws in my local area so I had to settle for a larger rock I found in a small man made canal used for drainage. .The coordinates of my picture were 38.483499 – 89.793468. I believe the law that is best represented in this picture is cross-cutting. Because this rock was located in a man mad ditch, the origin of the rock is hard to determine. Now the reason I selected this rock is due to the divots the rock is displaying.

The rock is oddly shaped compared to the others surrounding it. Originally, I believed it was due to the rock being thrown around and displaced by humans, however, the more I looked at the surface, I was able to conclude that the texture has been created due to the elements. I could see marks, cracks, and different water lines on the surface which would have arrived after the rock had formed to their placement (Harris, 1989) .

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Additionally, when looking towards the bottom of the rock you see less damage because of its settling of position. The main thing this rock demonstrates is how cross-cutting causes different patterns across the surface. Finally, by noticing these unique marks, we can use them to determine time and position of the land it rests upon (Catuneau, 2006).The question for this assignment is how it formed. Reviewing the markings of cross-cutting, I assume it was created from a larger bolder being broken up. Due to it being located in a man-made ditch, that further backs up my theory. Although, this has been directly impacted by human interaction, it is still easy to see the history of the rock. The divots, cracks and uneven texture demonstrate the effects of weather and overall corrosion this piece of bolder has experienced.

Subsequently my findings proved to be an example of buoyancy. Because this ditch was man-made, it was already in a v pattern meaning the middle being the deepest point. Overtime, the ditch would sink when under have water and rock tension which then caused the rocks on the outside wall to sink it to their positions. When the pressure went away, the rocks leaned back towards the middle. This rock specifically is about to fall into the ditch due to its instability from other rocks being wedged under it.



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