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I think I get my ideas usually from my daily life. To create my painting, I used the snow as the background and placed disconnected tree branches around one another forming a tree structure. In order to make the tree more vibrant and lively, I cut out small pieces of red sponge and scattered them onto the tree branches, forming blooming flowers. Next, I added in a sun using the red sponge, grasses using asparagus setaceus leaves and small swallow birds using the remaining tree branches. All the supplies used are found in our daily lives and especially in our environment. They are all natural and open-ended materials. Music can create inspiration for my painting. Many things inspire me to paint. Many of my work began as a ‘feeling’, happies, despair, gratitude may have a great influence on what I am creating. Which elements do you believe were included? The environment we live in, our background and experiences can all influences our creative process and sensory experience. Both music and painting are forms of art and by listening to music while I was painting, it has created new inspiration for my painting/artpiece. Music is like an artistic expression and a helper, that allows me to piece together the supplies like pieces of puzzle and turn it into a unique artwork.How does the experience of painting and listening to music incorporate some of the elements of the arts? I love to have music playing in the background while I am painting. Certain types of music can inspire me during my painting. Fast and upbeat music sometimes inspires me to be very expressive with my brush. However, slow and mellow music helps me to be more precise and technical in my brush strokes.How did you feel while you were painting to Music?Under variation of environmental conditions, such as the brightness of light and the music we learn to can affect my auditory and visual senses and in turn impacting my creative process in how I decide to piece together our artwork.What senses were affected?As I was painting, I listened to the music “Beautiful in white”. It’s my favorite song, beautifully sounding played by the instrument the violin. I could image that the beautiful flowers were blooming in the cold winter. They are so beautiful in white. How is the experience sensory? I came from China, there were lots of wintersweet in our country. Although the heavy snow in the winter, they were not afraid of the cold and still blossom in the cold wind. I could see the winter sweet flower branches on blooming pieces of red plum flower. The wintersweet were enchanting spectacular in the snow, the only fragrance smell in the winter. It seemed as a warrior, stick to their own job, never gave up. I admired wintersweet, admired its perseverance, and respected it not afraid of cold. So, I planned to create the winter sweet in the snow.


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