I pharmaceuticals, and pediatric care. Along with well-practiced

I am writing to apply for the recently advertised License Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse position at Preferred Pediatric Home Health Care. I am a graduate of Northwestern Oklahoma State University, and I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing.

I trust that my training and experience coordinate with your requirements and my extra capabilities in pediatric care nursing will make me an asset for your nursing staff. The Northwestern Oklahoma State University Nursing program has provided me with extensive knowledge in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and pediatric care. Along with well-practiced skills in caring for patients. While working under a Nurse at Saint Mary’s Children’s Hospital, I have performed 120 hours of direct patient care during my leadership training where I looked after hundreds of children during this time. I had the opportunity to become familiar with the expeditiously and challenges of working in such a big facility. During this time, I learned how to provide empathetic support to patients and their families. I also communicated effectively with all the people I worked with. My freshman year I got accepted into the President’s Leadership Class where I learned to be a more sophisticated leader.

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This class is for freshman students who are the most accomplished, gifted, driven, and promising students at Northwestern Oklahoma State University. Northwestern only chooses a few students for this amazing opportunity. The President’s leadership class has improved my capacity to lead adequately and cultivate a great familiarity of leadership roles in today’s society. Currently, I am a volunteer at my local Oklahoma Blood Institute where I have taught and still teach first aid, provide disaster response, and assist with blood drives.

I have been doing this for the last four years while studying for my BSN at Northwestern Oklahoma State University.In addition to my nursing skills, I will bring strong leadership and organizational skills to Preferred Pediatric Home Health Care. I have a strong sense of time management, and I am always ready to prioritize all tasks. My skills are superb, and I love interacting and caring for individuals with diverse backgrounds. I am more than prepared with knowledge about nursing protocol, having scored in the top 10% of my class and I am prepared to put all my skills to work. My clinical director has complimented me on my interaction with patients and my comprehension of nursing standards. I hope to bring all these skills and more to work at Preferred Pediatric Home Health Care.

I look forward to an opportunity of getting to meet you for an interview and to talk about how my skills and education would make me a great asset to Preferred Pediatric Home Health Care. I can be contacted by phone (580)-799-9478 or email [email protected] Thank you for your time and your consideration in reviewing my qualifications.


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