I and clown. At age of 11, I

I am Rowan Sebastian Atkinson. I am a British actor, comedian, and a screenwriter. Yes, I also knew as Mr.

Bean. Let’s me talk about my childhood. I am born in a large family on 6 January 1955 in the small mountain town called Consett in the Northwest of County Durham, England. (Rowan Atkinson Biography,2017) My parents are Eric Atkinson and Ella May Atkinson, and I am the youngest of the four brothers. My father was occupied in farming, and my mother was helped my father to raise me and my three brothers. Actually, in my childhood I am the boy with rather unique facial expressions, and easy to have laughed although I did not do any funny movement. At there, I was considered as the main prankster and clown.

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At age of 11, I was moved to the famous school of Chorister, Durham Chorister. Later I went to another private school St Bees School that located in North West of England. There have a lot of was professional to different sports of disciplines, it makes me felt cozy. My constitution was far from athletic, and workout was oppressed. My classmate always laughed at me, so I decided to take improvement of this. In the locker room, I imitated the teacher to make my classmate happy.

Because of this, I am able to live in the shame that felt by my helplessness in sport and get respect between teenagers. (Rowan Atkinson Biography,2017)Later I finally get an approval in Newcastle University and I did electrical engineering as major from there. The reason that why I study electrical engineering major has I loved physics comics since I was young and I can easily remember the huge formula. In years 1975, I continued my electrical engineering master’s degree at The Queen’s College, Oxford.

I studied performing and clowning in the second year, just once in a good company, I can’t imagine that my life without scene. (Rowan Atkinson Biography,2017) So during that time, while studying at Oxford, I got my start of performing sketches, first appearing in the Oxford revue at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Presently, I am entertaining at some theater clubs and on comedy shows for the BBC radio 3. In years 1979, I wrote for and head the cast in the BBC’s “Not the Nine O’clock News”. In years 1981, I became the youngest actor to have had the one-man show in the West End. (A;E Networks Television,2017) After graduated, I started focusing more and more of my time on my original comedy sketches and I have a dream that to make everyone laugh, the person that inspired me is Charlie Chaplin and Peter Sellers. After the success of “Not the Nine O’clock News”, I decided to continue to raise the comedy ladder with another British comedy, The Black Adder, which I co-wrote with Richard Curtis. The medieval sitcom was placed me in many different types of role and truly showed that I am ability to play extensive variety role.

In the years 1990, the character of Mr. Bean was finally was been created. Mr. Bean was no spoke, communicating with mostly through mumbles, and widely expressive facial signal. (Phillip Patrick, 2018)At that time, I have no idea that the role in this series will change my life and earn my position as one of the greatest British comedians in my life.

In these following years, I also have some participant in some work such as “The Ultimate Disaster Movie”, “Johnny English”, “Keeping Mum”, and so on.Now let’s talk about my love story. In years 1990, I was getting ready to marry my longtime girlfriend, Sunetra Sastry. My first met with Sunetra was in the late of 1980s when she was a BBC makeup artist, and then we fell in love. Sunetra was mixed descent with Indian father and British mother.

We married on 5 February 1990 at the Russian Tea Room in New York City. We blessed with having two children, Lily Atkinson and Benjamin Atkinson. (Khan, Aqib,2018) Unfortunately, our relationship has come to the end in 2014. Ultimately, after 25 years of marriage, we officially divorced in November 2015. However, people always need the moisture of love.

Now I was dating with my girlfriend, Louise Ford, and I become a father again at the age of 62.In conclusion, “The path of my life I strewn with cowpat from the devil’s own satanic herd”. (Rowan Atkinson) When you find out your own deficiencies, you have to learn how to overcome it. And just go your own way, don’t care about others how to look at you, you have to learn how to look at yourself.


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