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I am particularly interested in the role of a prefect as I think that they are a key role within school and are important role models for younger students. I think that I fit into the prefect requirements as I am well-behaved, organised, my attitude and punctuality has always been to a high standard and I am keen for the responsibility of helping our school community. I am also confident that I can set a good example for other students around school. Throughout my time at St Clement Danes I have been an active player in the school’s hockey team and participated in local tournaments. Being part of the school team has helped me to improve my team working skills and expand my friendships which I think has made me a lot more confident as a person to speak and interact with new people which is an important skill to have as a prefect.

I have completed the Level 1 Sports Leadership Award and I am currently participating in the Level 2 Qualification which have both helped me to develop my leadership skills and allowed me to become more confident in teaching and helping others. I think that this would help me as a prefect when engaging with students and teachers whether that be as a leader or in a team.I am particularly interested in the role of a technology prefect as it is a subject I have continued through my GCSE’s and now through my A-Levels. I have a particular interest in Product Design and I think that it is a subject which many younger female students don’t tend to steer to as it is a male-dominated subject.

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As a female prefect I would be able to be a role model that they can look up to and help them to step out of their comfort zone and try diverse subjects. One of my options Post-SCD is business management and is something I am considering for a University Course, I think that taking up a prefect role will help me to prepare myself for important responsibilities and leadership roles in the future. As a younger student at St Clement Danes, I looked up to the 6th form students, I feel that I am an approachable person and I would love to be able to give the younger students at our school guidance and support.


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