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I am happily angry, deeply upset, we should all be angry about this. This post was borne out of a happy anger for a certain broadcast message that has been going round on social media, a speech by a certain “Professor” about academic excellence being overrated (From what I’ve studied, professorship is linked with academics, so you’d wonder why someone will get to the top of the ladder and cut it down so others don’t get there too). In fact Merriam Webster had this to sayThe idea behind that post can be very cancerous to the well being of any people, nation or individual, especially a developing nation like the one I come from.

It is so cancerous that during my days in the university, there’s this particular student who would tell us boldly, while this person was encouraging skipping classes for extra curricular activities in an academic institution in which he was supposed to come to quench the thirst for knowledge; that we did not come here just to learn that we can skip classes to “support”… blah blah blah (this is where my interest dies out in the conversation), then I hear your first class will not do anything for you so just …and my attention trails off again as I cannot fanthom the wisdom that supports mediocrity.Now, about excellence, my best definition of it was from Merriam Webster

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