I pleasure which comes after facing challenges and

I am grateful for the opportunity provided me to express myself regarding my life and the choices I make.

I realize my key source of inspiration at a very early phase in life; the pleasure which comes after facing challenges and emerging victorious. It sometime happens that our creativities, competencies, and strengths are brought to deed when we take on challenges. I would never give up till the goal of winning was achieved.

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As I matured, this attitude reflected in my pursuit at college and in my reactions to financial predicaments at home. This taught me to think fast and find answers instead of giving up on plans. As a result, I started working part time and continued with education at TF Financial Services and African University College of Communications respectively.

Those years shaped my psychological discipline for managing multiple tasks and time management was cultured. I also learnt to adapt my life in response to economical living and invested resources wisely.Eventually, the financial burdens lessened and my family was almost out of the troubles and I grew to be much more responsible paralleled to what I was formerly.

Now, my breakthrough came after extensive rounds of interviews, I was selected at TF Financial services for a client service opening regardless of my lack of the required technical background or relevant industry knowledge for the job. I handled calls and gave solutions to customers. Within a short span of time, I grew to be a portfolio analyst after going through the about five ranks in four years.After a while and with meditation, I realize my keenness for numerical analyses and that my long term career vision was to succeed in the financial service sector. I therefore intend to leverage my expertise in the Banking and Financial Services industry and subsequently gain employment in a global banking and financial service corporation.

Such an experience will go a long way to increase my perception to face challenges in the global financial service industry and fetch in unlimited opportunities for innovation and value addition. My long term objectives is to expand my understanding of functions of this industry and ascertain my core competencies in such a diverse industry and optimistically head one of these functions in a multi-national financial service corporation.South Korea is education friendly country and encouraging higher education in every possible manner without discrimination of race, gender and religion with most comprehensive quality education system. For this reason, I want to attend Kangwon National University because it has an unparalleled reputation in terms of the quality of students, faculty and education.

A master’s program from Kangwon National University is an essential link towards actualizing my career goals at this stage of my life. The schools approach of nurturing hunch through case studies in finance, strategy and other related areas will help me toughen my fundamentals and develop well-trained entrepreneurial instincts. I stand to gain enormously through participation in challenging industry and thus apply my learnings with the supervision of highly experienced and qualified faculty.

I also hope to arm myself with cutting-edge analytical tools and techniques that will foster managerial efficiency.Last but not the least, the other area of importance to my goals is leadership development and international exposure. Kangwon National University provides the podium to interact with globally renowned faculty and a diverse student community developing interpersonal skills and comfort on a global scale. Kangwon National University is hence my preferred destination pursuing a master’s degree program.


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