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I am AMAL JOY ISSAC and I graduated from Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam in Mechanical Engineering with a grade point of 6.55 CGPA .I studied at Holy Kings College of Engineering which is a reputed institute in Ernakulam district and it is affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University.I pursed a course in Auto Cad 2d/3d after my graduation in Engineering.

Ever since from my childhood days I was nurturing a dream of becoming a professional Engineer.After my schooling from a reputed institution,ST Peters Senior Secondary School Kadayiruppu,Kolenchery in Ernakulam district I opted mechanical engineering .While I was persuing my graduation in Mechanical Engineering I developed a penchant for Petroleum Engineering,that is why I selected Cape Breton University,Nova Scotia Canada to excel myself in Petroleum Engineering and fulfill my ambition.I have gone through the course details of post graduation in Petroleum Engineering and found it quite appealing and professionally fulfilling one.
BET Petroleum Engineering post-degree program combines theoretical principles with the hands-on experience and technical courses related to the offshore petroleum industry. Aspects unique to exploration, drilling and production operations in the marine environment are also emphasized. This degree specifically looks at engineering geology, drilling, reservoir, processing, production engineering, petroleum codes and specifications. Engineering geology subject deals with the study of rock and mineral identification for aggregate selection, rock-mass calculations, geotechnical methods and all. The drilling engineering is designed to understand the techniques, equipment and engineering design considerations and calculations used in the oil and natural gas well drilling operations. Reservoir Engineering is the examination and characteristics of hydrocarbon-bearing reservoirs, determination of hydrocarbon in place and reservoir drive mechanisms. Production Engineering subject handles the techniques, equipment, engineering design considerations and calculations used in the oil and natural gas production operations
I was in search of an outstanding University to offer me wonderful course in Petroleum Engineering and I came across CBU.It gives me immense pleasure to know that CBU ranks one among the greatest university in Canada with covetable infrastructure such as outstanding library,meritorious teaching faculty,academic ambience,research environment,health club,cocurricular activities and so on.CBU has carved its own niche in the field of higher education proving its reputation as a light house of a various technology and development.i am sure those who persue their course in this University will come out in flying colours as qualified professionals with sufficient and proficient knowledge in their field to meet all challenges in Petroleum Engineering.

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I choose Canada for my higher education in Petroleum Engineering because Canada is a marvelous example of multi cultural and multi lingual coexistence.As a student on Indian origin am sure that I will be able to persue my studies and fulfill my dream with amble support and encouragement which i will get from the Canadian academia.Moreover Canada has established itself as a condiusive confluence of cultural,moral and academic excellence.Studying in Canada will give me a new exposure and experience of a cosmopolitan culture and perspective which will definetly improve my personality and inspire me to adopt broad mindedness in my future carrer.My experience in CBU will enlarge my horizon of knowledge and inculcate a solid language and communication skill.

I strongly believe that my post graduation in petroleum engineering in CBU will transform me as a well qualified professional in Petroleum Engineering which will equip me to fulfill my ambition.After my post graduation I am sure that an indepth knowledge of Petroleum Engineering such as production monitoring and evaluation of techniques will make me a successful person and a professional candidate in my life.I am eager to get an opportunity to study in Canada so that I can become a promising person for the betterment of my country as well as to become a good world citizen.


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