I for graduate studies in integrated geospatial technology

I am passionately interested in pursuing graduate studies in integrated geospatial technology at the Michigan Technological University, Houghton. Integrated Geospatial Technology is the area I have come to find most exciting and practically satisfying which combines technologies such as geographic information system (GIS), global positioning system (GPS), and space-borne imaging systems to link data to a specific location.

I strongly believe that knowledge acquired in integrated geospatial technology would help me to effectively and efficiently employ modern methods, practices and technologies such as the use of remote sensing, GIS, GPS, photogrammetry and programming to develop and design spatial applications and products. These applications and products will serve as essential tools for providing innovative and sustainable solutions to myriad of challenges with spatial dimension which is facing fields such as agriculture, geology, mining and forestry in Ghana and the world at large. I am particularly motivated to apply to Michigan Technological University, Houghton for graduate studies in integrated geospatial technology because the university has outstanding and dedicated faculty, a graduate program which combines excellent course work and cutting-edge research laboratories and facilities which fits perfectly with my professional goals. My interests include remote sensing, GIS, and GPS which are in line with your department’s areas of interests. Upon going through the research interests of the faculty members, my research interest fits very well with that of Dr. Eugene Levin’s interests.

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It is my desire that Dr. Levin would be my advisor when I am admitted to the graduate program. I will be extremely glad to conduct studies in any of these GIS, remote sensing and GPS for my final thesis.My four-year undergraduate program in geomatic engineering coupled with industry experience and research activities has equipped me with a solid foundation that will help me succeed as a graduate student. During my intern at Goldfields Ghana Limited Tarkwa Mine, I used GPS and total station to acquire field data of spot heights, crests, and toes to update digital terrain models of the pits as well as setting out grade control pegs to define economic limits. Currently, as a teaching assistant with the Geomatic Engineering Department of University of Mines and Technology, Ghana, I am assisting to faculty on application of remotely sensed data and GIS to estimate the terrestrial hydrology.

Graduate studies will broaden my perspectives and give me new ideas that will enable me to support and contribute immensely to my countrymen and the world at large.I have obtained the necessary skills that will enable me to succeed during my graduate studies. In view of my career and aspirations, skills such as leadership, research, good communication skills and strong analytical mind will help me excel in the graduate program. Thank you for considering my application.


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