I Administrator on Maze. This is somewhat

 I have been working in the administrative field for around 3 years on many different servers, cross-platform. I have worked for many well-known Dark RP servers I will not list any of the names as not to advertise them but if you would like more information than what is listed below feel free to private message me on the forums or on TeamSpeak and I will gladly give you more info.      One server I worked for had a very large player intake. The server had around 120 players on at one time which all needed to stay in check. My role on the administrative team was the keep the newer moderators in check and to deal with admin sits. As this is a Dark RP server the number of sits was very high. I would deal with around 25 sits per day. As this role and would spend most of my time in game working with newer moderators and teaching them the ropes of the field of administrating.     The first Dark RP server I worked on had a player intake of around 50 players on at one time. With my time on the server, I reached the rank of Head of Staff (HOS) which would be equal to around the rank of a Senior Administrator on Maze. This is somewhat hard to relate as there are many more ranks on Maze than on that server. To put this into perspective the two ranks above me were the Co-owner and the Owner. I was in charge of a 30-person staff team. Around 25 EU and 5 NA. This was an EU server which put me in the position of NA Head of Staff. On this server, I learned leadership skills, how to stay cool under pressure, and how to keep a firm foot when needed.     I also worked for a Prison RP server. This is similar to Dark RP except it takes place in a prison. I only reached the position of a moderator on this server. I was only on the staff team for a month before I decided to leave as I felt that the higher-up administration was doing a poor job. While I was there the server had around 70 players on the server at time. My only job as a moderator was to make sure that all players were kept in check and not violating any rules. I dealt with around 20 admin sits per day and worked on the forums throughout the day.     I administrated for a Hardcore Factions server on the game Minecraft for around 3 months. There I was a moderator and my main job was to help people in support rooms and to screen share users to find cheaters. There I learned the advanced works of computers as screen sharing users to find hacked clients requires in-depth knowledge of computers and how they work. This server had around 1000 players on at one time across 5 servers which all had to be watched closely has younger people have the tendency to cheat in that sort of game. Overall at this server, I learned advanced computer terminology and how to fix complicated issues about computers. I ended up resigning from this position as it was beginning to become tedious as I felt that I was the only staff member working to make the community better. I was the only staff member doing support rooms, which can be very stressful doing mass moves of over 30 players all looking for compensation of lost items during a crash, while other staff members were doing much less stressful jobs which consisted of flying around looking for cheaters. In conclusion, I learned how to keep a level head, have the ability to not break under pressure, and to keep calm in stressful situations.


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