Hydrotherapy is one of the oldest methods of

Hydrotherapy is one of the oldest methods of treatment in physiotherapy. It uses physical and chemical properties of water in solid, liquid and gas form for medicinal purposes. Recommended for both healthy people to increase the overall immunity of the body or reduce stress, as well as for people suffering from many diseases. Aromatherapy is an alternative to drugs that involves the use of ethereal plant components known as essential oils.

They are inhaled by the patient and often used to improve the mood, changes in cognitive states and also as a supportive treatment for diseases. The most important of the health benefits of aromatherapy is primarily the ability to reduce anxiety, relieve depression, increase energy levels, accelerate healing processes, eliminate headaches, increase cognitive ability, improve sleep, strengthen, fight pain and improve digestion.Physiotherapy focuses on individual work, patient-therapist. Modern rehabilitation is increasingly focused on work based mainly on the use of appropriate exercises and very effective work of the therapist’s hands in order to restore the patient’s ability after the injury.

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