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Almost every country in the world is affected by trafficking, whether as a country of origin, transit or destination for victims. It is an important issue because it is a quickly growing problem with a low-risk, which means that it is easy to happen. Our target group are mainly teenagers and women at our school and from other parts Of the world, and we do it to make them aware about the importance of this problem and how they can avoid this situation, and help people that are suffering this.In this work, we are going to research how much people know bout the topic in order to know which information we should provide.

3. Marketing Campaign Plan Nowadays trafficking of people is a form of exploiting people in different ways, for example, trafficking of women and children for sexual exploitation, trafficking of source labor (slavery), commercial sexual exploitation of children in tourism and trafficking of organs. This cause is a really serious problem in the world and it represent sadness for lots of people of those who are trafficked.By making this campaign We would like to raise initiative to eight human trafficking and to encourage people to help stop this crime and also to inform them more about this cause.

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In our secondary research we will investigate more about this cause and the different ways of trafficking they exist but we will try to focus on only one such as the trafficking on people for commercial sexual exploitation. Our target group are teenagers from all over the world, specially in Mexico city, we wanted them to know about the issue so we created a survey in order to be able to provide them better and new information about what is human trafficking.We send that survey all over the world and we were impress with all the answers we got.

4. Market Research Plan For our market research plan first made a secondary research that consisted in investigating what was human trafficking, the percentage of it worldwide, what things can be done in order to prevent it, and what things are being done right now in order to solve the problem. We found out some campaigns, like humidification. Rag, the AAA Campaigns, Blue Heart Campaigns and some others, based on the information we read and know e were able to conduct a primary research in which we made a survey about what people know about Human trafficking by using Google Surreys. The survey consisted on having some questions about human trafficking. They had to choose the answers they thought were correct even though the survey itself had really few wrong or right answer type questions, most of them were done to observe what people understood as human trafficking, or what they thought was being done, as well as knowing where they were from. . Market Research Execution In order to execute the market research we investigated what was human refraining, what is the percentage of it worldwide, what things can be done in order to prevent it, and what things are being done right now in order to solve the problem.

In order to conduct a primary research we did a survey about what do people know about Human trafficking. (link attached below). The sampling method we choose was to select all our relatives and closest friends in order to answer the survey.The response was successful, the number of people that answer was greater than the expected. We had the survey open for a week and half, but we only promote it for half a week; even Hough, as I have already mentioned the results were greater than the expected.

In the future, we should take more serious this part even though our results were gratify. Maybe instead of having the survey for a week and a half we should do adjust for a week. 6.Market Research Results Analysis Above we can see first the table that shows the raw results of the survey that we conducted (which is not complete because of space reasons as a bit more than 150 people answered it) and underneath that we’ve got the processed results in a more understandable and organized way. The results are quite aired at each question, but there’s always one answer that stands out or that was selected by a bigger number of people; this is quite noticeable in two questions that are related “Do you think enough efforts are being done to end human trafficking? With 91% answering Yes but contrasting with the percentage of people who answered No to the question “Do you know about another campaign against human trafficking? ” showing a big contradiction between what they think but what they know.

What surprised us the most was that 72% of the people that answered the survey knew that all the forms f human trafficking cited in the second question where such thing, few people chose only one option. 7. Market Campaign Posters We created this poster that says, “People were created to be loved. Things were created to be used.The reason why the world is in chaos is because things are being loved and people are being used. ” We thought that the image of the face of the boy with the world in it was a good idea, also we really liked the quote.

8. Conclusions and Reflections Many people doesn’t know the term “human trafficking”. And it is really disappointing and sad to know that. There are those who devote their money and time on campaigns of greenback, animal rights, and the end of poverty and those are things that we all see all the time in the media; But what about human trafficking?

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