Human civilization and their typical life in

Human nature alludes to the distinctive characteristics—including ways of feeling, thinking, and acting—which humans are naturally inclined to have. It is complicated and unique, shaping everyone differently and creating people that vary in the way that they behave and develop. There are indeed multiple theories revolving around the concept of our nature, many thoughts open to interpretation about the idea of behaviors and thoughts; however, in the end, certain aspects force certain effects on the humanity of a person. These aspects could be presented through a variety of novels, including Lord of the Flies and Brave New World, where human nature, such as character, behavioral traits, and feelings, is shaped by given circumstances including a person’s surroundings, trying times, drugs, outside emotions and how one was raised.   Two preliminary novels that exploit these shifts of human nature, due to several circumstances that could affect anyone, are, Lord of the Flies and Brave New World. Lord of the Flies is a novel based solely around the effects that nature causes on people and the shift of civilized young men, into savage-like animals. The novel takes place during World War II, shortly after a plane of young school boys crashes onto a deserted island over the Pacific.

Here, the young boys must fend for themselves, far from the talons of civilization and their typical life in Britain. Ultimately this causes a shift in who they once were in Britain, and who they become on the island where no adults are present to control them, or, implement any sort of structure within them. Additionally, the next novel following in the exploitation of the flexibility of human nature is Brave New World.

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This science fiction novel, that in due course alludes to the modern day world as we know it, is based on a number of aspects that shape human nature. A world of constant sex, drugs, monogamy, termination of aging, death of religion, genetic modification of birth, and conditioning, this novel serves as an ideal example of how flexible human nature can become, due to given circumstances. Moreover, as two worlds collide later throughout the novel, these circumstances are further highlighted and referred to.


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